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This five-module video e-course will help you create and/or grow your list just ten minutes at a time.. You'll find plenty of tips, ideas, and strategies to help you determine what part of list building you should focus on next. The companion worksheets & checklists will help you plan your Monthly Milestones, Weekly Targets & Daily Tasks to reach your goals.

You'll get help with:

  • pinpointing what part of your list building you should work on next.
  • discover how the different pieces that get you traffic, subscribers, and customers work together.
  • how to overcome obstacles and stumbling blocks you will encounter along the way.
  • when to ask for help and how to find it.
  • how to increase your productivity and make some serious progress, working just two hours per day, ten minutes at a time.

When you take focused action, even the smallest steps work to create big impacts on your business….more traffic to your site, more engagement from your community, more people on your email list & more sales of your products.

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