Let's talk about making a plan for using plr content and sticking to it. 

Image of a middle aged woman with brown hair in a black shirt sitting at a desk. The words "You Need A Plan!" are written on the screen in white letters on a pink background.Today's video and this blog post are about making a plan for using PLR content and sticking to it. When you pause and come up with a solid strategy, you're much more likely to reach your goals and make the progres you want to make with your content marketing.

It also holds you accountable. You'll be much more likely to implement what you're buying if you go in with a plan and a deadline.

Watch this short video tip making a plan for using PLR content.

The biggest problem people have when it comes to PLR is to get around to actually using it. I can’t tell you how often we see people buy a pack (or ten), have big plans for it, but then they never get around to actually using it. According to our best estimate (and that of several PLR seller friends), less than 20% of people ever do anything with the content they buy. 

I want you to be part of the 20%. Actually, I want you to be part of the 1% that uses what they buy regularly and effectively. The good news is that there’s one trick or hack that will help you make that happen. 

It’s simple, but super powerful. Notice that I didn’t say it was going to be easy. It takes some effort, but it’s well worth it. Ready? 

Make a plan for using your PLR content and then stick to it. 

Start before or as soon as you buy a PLR pack. Or as soon as you download it from your member area. Look at it and come up with a game plan. It doesn’t have to be anything involved or complicated. And it can totally change as you start to work through it, but come up with a plan. 

Write it down. Will you use these articles as blog posts? Will you create a short report? A new resource for your members? 

When will you have it completed by? Set a deadline for yourself and your team. 

What do you need to do before you can hit publish? Edits? Graphics? Write down your steps. 

Then get to work. Yes, you can change things around as needed, but overall, you want to stick to the plan of actually using the PLR you buy. You’ll make Tracy and I so happy. 

We want you to do well. We want that content to grow your business and your bottom line. Because when it does, you have more money to spend with us here at Piggy Makes Bank. And we like knowing that we’re making a difference and helping you build a business that makes you thrive. 

Need some PLR to play with? Grab a free sample of our pre-written content.

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