Let's talk about how you can get excited to work on something new. It's the key to making sure you get things done. 

Image of a middle aged woman with brown hair in a black shirt sitting at a desk. The words "Get Excited To Implement" are written on the screen in white letters on a pink background.Today's video and this blog post are about getting excited. It's about creating a vision and staying motivated to complete that project you planned based on our last video.

I'm sharing my three best strageies for staying motivaed and excited. I invite you to watch and then give each of them a try. For me, the key is to use all three of them in tandem, but your mileage may vary.

Watch this short video tip on how to get excited to work on something new.

In the last video I shared my tips for planning your PLR content with you. Of course making a plan for something new – a blog post series, a fresh lead magnet, or a new product or coaching program is one thing, but actually sitting down and doing the work is something completely different.

What’s helped us whenever we want to work on something new like this video series for example, is to get excited about it. You want to bring some positive energy to the process. Here are a couple of ideas for doing that.

Use Visualization

Think about what it will feel like when you complete the project. How will your audience react? What will it do for your business? Visualize it in your mind or, if you like, create a vision board about it. Journal. Do what it takes to clear in your mind what the end result will be and get excited about it.

Map It Out

Overwhelm is the main reason we don’t start or stop working on something. There are a lot of steps, bits and pieces to doing anything online. I got pretty overwhelmed with the process of shooting, editing, and uploading these videos and everything that went with it. Until I mapped it out. It gave me a clear path for how to get from point a to point b. From there, I could come up with individual tasks and baby steps to get it done. Overwhelm gone.

Share What You’re Working On With Your Audience

Not only does this hold you accountable (you told them you’d have this done), but it turns your readers, subscribers and customers into your cheerleaders. Share the progress you’ve made with them. They’ll pick up on the energy and the excitement and cheer you on. By the way, this is also a great marketing technique because they’ll be excited to see the finished product. Doesn’t matter if it’s a paid product, or a blog post series, or videos like these. You still got to sell what you publish. Might as well have fun!

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