Let's talk about how to get clear on the purpose of each piece of content you publish. 

Image of a middle aged woman with brown hair in a black shirt sitting at a desk. The words "What's The Purpose Of This Piece of Content?" are written on the screen in white letters on a pink background.Today's video and this blog post are about getting clear about the purpose of the content you share across a variety of different platforms. When you know where ieach piece fits into the bigger picture, it becomes easy to create it and to figure out the steps you want people to take next.

After all, the best blog post or article doesn't do much good, if the person reading it doesn't know what to do next. Without a bit of direction, they may click around, or they may leave your site entirely and chances are they will never come across it again. What if you got them to sign up to your list, or read another article? Wouldn't that be better? That's why it's important to get clear on your purpose. The second part is to then craft a call to action to tell this person what you want them to do next.

Watch this short video tip on how to get clear on the purpose of each piece of content you publish.

Let’s talk about purpose. Ideally, everything you do in your business, you do with purpose. This is especially true when it comes to content marketing. It’s easy to fall into the trap of publishing that blog post or creating your three social media posts for the day just to be able to check it off your list and feel productive. Or maybe that’s just me?

What about email? Do you email because today is the day your newsletter goes out? What’s the purpose of this particular email?

Before you sit down and hit publish or upload or send on anything you do in your onlines business, pause and ask yourself:

“What’s the purpose of this piece of content? What do I want them to do next?”

Ideally, you’ll get clear on the purpose of each piece of content you publish before you create it. It doesn’t matter if you are starting with PLR content or are crafting something from scratch. Think about how this content will serve you and your overall business goals.

Will it drive traffic for you? If so, are you optimizing for SEO and sending social signals once the content is published? Think about what you want people who are completely new to you and your brand to do when they land on the page. Sign up for your newsletter? Follow you on social media? Buy a low cost product? Visit another page or watch a video? Leave a comment?

When you get clear on your purpose, it becomes easy to tweak your content to make it easy for visitors to do what you want them to do next. You can craft strong calls to action that will lead them into your funnel.

Most importantly, this will make sure each piece of content you publish does its job for you. That blog post, or video, or social media post will be out there working twenty-four-seven to grow your business. Give it a try.

As for my purpose for this video, it’s two-fold. We initially recorded these videos as a way to give back to our customers in the days leading up to Christmas. But they are also a way to introduce ourselves to the YouTube platform. I’d love it if you would give this video a thumbs up and if you enjoy the content we’re sharing here, please subscribe to our channel.

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