Let's talk about how using plr content in email and newsletters. 

Image of a middle aged woman with brown hair in a black shirt sitting at a desk. The words "Using PLR in Newsletters" are written on the screen in white letters on a pink background.Today's video and this blog post are about how you can use PLR to craft your newsletters and email messages more quickly. There are some great tips both in the text below and in the video that I don't want you to miss.

Email is and will probably always be our favorite marketing method. Adding prewritten content into the mix, makes it efficient for us as online business owners, and more interesting for our audience because we can provide them with fresh perspectives and new topics on a regular basis.

Watch this short video tip on using PLR content in email.

The money is in the list! 

I’m sure you’ve heard this a bunch of the years. If you haven’t, pay attention, because it is true. Reaching out via email is one of the most profitable things you can do for your online business. Or any business really. 

No matter how many times people cry out about email marketing being dead and that social media is where it’s at, it simply isn’t true. Social media is where you find people, but email is where you cultivate relationships with them. It’s where they get to know, like, and trust you. And yes, at the end of the day, more often than not, they will buy as a result of an email you sent. 

The problem—like everything else in this business—is time and being able to craft content for these emails on a regular basis. That’s where PLR can come in. Let’s talk about that. 


Example 1 – Regular Newsletter 

Let’s start with your standard newsletter. Maybe you send it out once a week. Maybe every other week. Maybe only once a month (in which case I’d encourage you to bump it up to at least two issues per month. You don’t want to go too long in between issues, or people forget about you). 

Newsletters are great and an important part of many online marketing funnels. They are also a lot of work. I’ve sent out anywhere from one to four every single week across multiple businesses since 2005. They can take a lot of time and effort, because you need fresh content for each issue. Why not let PLR do the heavy lifting for you? 


Example 2 – Casual Emails 

Here you have a little more room to play. What it boils down to is this. Not every email can be about selling something. You need to share good, actionable information, or be entertaining for people to stay on your list. 

Yes, some businesses, like ours for example, lend themselves more than others to frequent sales type emails. But even we greatly benefit from sharing helpful information. Our audiences love it when we include quality content. And guess what, you can do that with PLR as well. 

An easy way to do this is to combine it with the content marketing you do on your own website or on YouTube for example. Edit and post a PLR article on your site or blog. Or use it to record a video like we discussed in a previous tip. Then grab a small excerpt or paragraph and share it in your email as a teaser along with a link to your blog post or video. 

Or share the entire article. Of course you can also post it to social media and then share that link, or do a combination of all of the above. Play with it. Have fun. At the end of the day, you’re sharing helpful content with your audience. See what works for you and what gets you the best engagement. Bonus points if you can then follow it up with a product recommendation. 

Need some PLR to play with? Grab a free sample of our pre-written content.

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