Let's talk about how you can speed up your content creation with PLR. 

Image of a middle aged woman with brown hair in a black shirt sitting at a desk. The words "Speed Up Content Creation with PLR" are written on the screen in white letters on a pink background.Today's video and this blog post are about how you can speed up both your content creation and your product creation process by using pre-written content.

Money loves speed. And your audience appreciates seeing fresh content on a regular basis. You can take care of both by starting with PLR content to help make content and product creation more efficient.

Watch this short video tip how to speed up content creation with PLR.

Money likes speed. PLR helps you speed up your content and product creation process. I shared a few ideas with you in the last video about creating a quick bonus. Embrace the idea and use it in all areas of your business and content marketing. 

Share Content Regularly on Your Website 

Keep your readers happy. It gives you a chance to connect with them. Plus each new piece of content is a new chance to rank in the search engines. Add to that being able to have more to share on social media and you have the beginnings of a solid content marketing strategy. 

New Fodder for Your Emails 

Having fresh content gives you a reason to email your list. Email them once a week, several times a week, or even daily and always have something fresh and interesting to share along with your offers. 

Keep Those Social Media Algorithms Happy 

Social media is a long game. You need a lot of good content out there to grow an audience on each platform. Once you do, you need fresh fodder to keep each beast happy and the algos churning along. This includes YouTube by the way. 

Create New Products, Courses And Bonuses 

We’ve covered this in a couple of different videos and blog posts, but it’s worth repeating. The more products and courses you have, the more people can buy. There are two big benefits to this. The total lifetime customer value will go up with each product you create. In addition to that, each new product is a chance to reach new people, customers who may not have been interested in everything you have to offer so far. 

Here’s my challenge for you today. What can you create in the next day or two from PLR that will help support your business in a way? This could be something you’ve had on the backburner for a while, or something new. Maybe something I shared in this video sparked an idea. Go implement it. Now! 

Remember, money loves speed. Growth that beautiful business of yours! 

Need some PLR to play with? Grab a free sample of our pre-written content.

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