Let's talk about building out a marketing funnel and what it can do for your online business.

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If you ask us, any online business could benefit from some good funnels. They help move a prospect from first learning about you to getting to know and like you, and finally to becoming a customer or client.

That process is something that's hard to move them through without a good funnel (or ten). Building out a strong marketing funnel is always high on our priority list and we design our PLR to help you craft your own.

Watch this short video tip on building out a marketing funnel.

Let’s talk about funnels for your business. A funnel is a path you want a potential customer to take from the spot where they first discover you to making one or multiple purchases from you. It usually looks something like this:

They come across your content and like it. Then they see an offer to sign up for your list. This usually includes some sort of freebie or lead magnet. Then they go through a series of emails or are added to your newsletter. Ideally you want to do both.

In these emails, they get to know, like and trust you. And of course they are exposed to every single paid product or service you have to offer. Sooner or later they buy some or all of them.
That’s your funnel.

It can be as involved or simple as you want to make it. But here’s the important part. Start where you’re at. If you only have one product, or are still working on it, start with a list and a lead magnet. Add a couple of emails that include an offer. That can be your product or something you’re an affiliate for.

Now here’s the really important part. Don’t stop there. Keep adding to the funnel. Craft more emails to go out. Continue to come out with new products or services and don’t forget to tell everyone on your list about all of them regularly. Use autoresponder emails. Use broadcast messages.

Create products that relate to what you have out already. What’s the next step someone needs to take? What else do they need to know on the journey they are taking or the problem they are solving? What else do they tell you they need? If it makes sense, create it.

Need some PLR to play with? Grab a free sample of our pre-written content.

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