Introducing the

Intermittent Fasting
PLR Course Pack

Everything you need to launch your own course in days! 

“The most time-consuming part of launching a new course is putting together the slides.”

What if you had everything you needed at your fingertips so you could sit down and record a video course today...

If you've been thinking about putting a course together that included video lessons, but don't know where to start, this is for you...

Video courses are a great way to show off your expertise and help your audience reach their goals. They can be easy to put together with simple tools (most of them avaialble for free online), but there's one problem that might be holding you back. 

Putting together the actual course material takes time.

At minimum, you have to:

  • Figure out what you want to cover. 
  • Create slides.
  • Add bonuses. 
  • Record the videos.

Now, if you've created a course yourself, you know that recording the lessons is the probably the quickest part of the whole process. 

But what if you had a short cut?

What if you had everything you needed to start recording your lessons today?

That's exactly what we're offering...

We like to make it easy-peasy lemon squeezy....

Step One

Edit and brand the slides. We'll show you how. 

Step Two

Sit down and record. We'll tell you exactly what tools we use.

Step Three

Share your course with your audience! 

Creating Your First or Next Course Doesn't Have To Be Hard or Time Comsuming.

We've taken care of the hard part for you. 

With this exclusive PLR course bundle, you get a set of professionally crafted slides that make it easy for you to record each video for this ten-part course.

Read through the slides, edit and tweak as you see fit, make some notes if that's helpful for you, and you're ready to record. 

Really, it's that simple. 

Creating the course once the outline and slides are done, is the easy part. It's also the most fun one. Sit in front of your computer and get busy teaching. Let yourself shine

Starting with a PLR pack like this one, makes it possible for you to create more products to help your audience. Teach them the skills they need to learn.

In this case, teach them all about Intermittent Fasting. 

Fasting has so many benefits. Do it for increased energy and mental clarity. Fast to boost autophagy and slow aging. Reverse Metabolic Syndrom and get rid of unwanted pounds without giving up on your favorite foods.

Ready to introduce your audience to Intemittent Fasting with this 10-Module Masterclass? 

Here's what you get:

  •  Ten Slide Decks. One for each module of the course you're creating. 
  •  A Sales Page Template. Copy and paste. Fill in a few blanks. Add your order button and you're ready to go. 
  •  A Step-By-Step Breakdown Of How To Create The Course. We'll share the exact tools and process we use to create our courses to help you do the same... and to do so quickly. 

Here's Exactly What Each Module Covers

  • Module 1 - Introduction & A Case For The Clean Fast
  • Module 2 - The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting & Longer Fasts
  • Module 3 - Finding The Fasting Time That’s Right For You
  • Module 4 - Overcoming Fasting Challenges
  • Module 5 - Alternate Day Fasting
  • Module 6 - Fasting For Weight Loss
  • Module 7 - Fasting & Autophagy
  • Module 8 - Fasting For Mental Clarity
  • Module 9 - Working Out In A Fasted State
  • Module 10 - Common Questions & Wrap Up

Ready to grab your copy of the Intermittent Fasting Course Bundle?

  • 1
    Skip The Tedious Research Phase: We've done all the hard work for you. Skip ahead of the line and get started on the fun part of course creation.
  • 2
    Start Recording Your Course Today: With this PLR pack, you have everything you need to hit record today!
  • 3
    Time to Shine: It's time for you to step into the spotlight and show your audience how they can start to tap into organic search engine traffic without breaking the bank.  

See what our customers have to say:

Worried You Don't Have the Know-How Or The Tech To Create The Course?

We get it. The tech part of creating a course can be pretty intimidating.

  • How do you record? 
  • Do you have to be on the screen (no, you don't)?
  • How do you download and deliver the video portion of the course.
  • How about the bonus material? 

If this side of creating an online video course is holding you back, please keep reading.

We've been there and we dragged our feet for years ... not only on course creation, but getting our first products up, and even starting a PLR biz.

All that to say that we understand and ... 

We Have You Covered

That's why we put together several tutorials to help you get up and running quickly.

We'll share the exact tools we use and give you a few different options if you're bootstrapping this first course.

There's a step-by-step tutorial for recording and delivering your course and one to help you brand and customize the slides to fit your business.

In short, you get everything you need to start recording this Intermittent Fasting Course today! 

"The Secret To Getting Things Done Is To Act" - Dante Alighieri

P.S.: Let's talk numbers for a second. You can easily charge $97 for a ten-module video course on starting intermittent fasting. Sell the course you've created to more than one person and you'll be in the black. What do you have to lose? Grab this offer, download the content and get to work! You could have your course up for sale in a couple of days. 

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