Boost web traffic

How Can I Get More Traffic To My Blog?

We always welcome your questions about blogging, making money online and making this whole internet thing work.  A few days ago we got the following question via email. We thought our reply might help you out as well. I would like to know how to drive traffic to my blog. I do use PLR. I am putting … [Read More...]

How Temperature Can Help With Social Media

Baby It’s Cold Outside – And It’s Good For Social Media

It is really cold out here this morning. Tracy is digging out her sweaters and Susanne's on a 2 hour school delay (so the kids don't get frostbite waiting for the bus) and worried about pipes freezing. Since we're both living in the South, this isn't a normal winter worry for us. We also both woke … [Read More...]

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How to Set Up 301 Redirect

You may know about using html meta redirects to protect your affiliate links. Today  let's talk about our favorite way to redirect affiliate links Here’s how to set up 301 redirects. What Do You Use 301 Redirects For? There are a couple of different reasons why you may want to set up these … [Read More...]

But What About Your Customers – A Great Fire Sale Question

So far we've talked about why it's a good idea to participate and hold fire sales. Today, I want to turn the tables a little bit and chat with you about how both running and participating in fire sales affects your most valuable asset - your customers and subscribers. Assuming that you'll promote … [Read More...]

Connie Green

Connie Ragen Green – Online Business Success

Many people have influenced both Susanne and I in our walk to online business success but no one does it with more genuine caring, calm demeanor and grace than does our friend, Connie Green.   Because Connie is an excellent teacher and an she is an expert that we want to share with … [Read More...]