How to Turn Articles Into Free Reports

One of the questions I hear quite a bit both from my readers here and on various Internet marketing forums is how to create free reports. One of the first pieces of advice you get as an affiliate or internet marketer is to build your list. The next piece of advice is usually that you need a “goodie” … [Read More...]

Leverage Your Content

We’d like to share a little report with you. It's all about leveraging your content so obviously we called it, Leverage Your Content -How To Make The Most Out Of Every Blog Post You Write and Use It In Six Different Ways to Grow Your Online Business. Leverage Your Content (PDF) To download … [Read More...]

Profiling Your Target Audience

Have you seen the TV show “Criminal Minds”? I was watching and older episode last night and something hit me … the way the characters profile their “unsubs” (the bad guys), is very similar to what I do to profile my target audience. If you’re not familiar with the show here’s a little clip of a … [Read More...]

Aweber Blog Broadcast Tutorial

I spent a little time this afternoon making a little tweak right here on this blog that might interest you. I’ve been meaning to do this for a good two weeks, but thought it would be to difficult and thus have been very good at putting it off. (Yes, it’s been hovering on my to-do list for almost … [Read More...]

How To Use Aweber

Since we are talking about list building and list marketing this week, I thought I’d show you how to do a couple of different things in Aweber today. Let’s start with the basics: How To Set Up A New List Setting up a new list is a pretty straight forward process. Start by logging into your … [Read More...]