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Earlier we talked about the danger of Bright Shiny Objects. Don't get me wrong, getting excited about new projects or new business strategies is great. The problem arises when you keep getting great new ideas and never take action on any of them. You don't want to hop from exciting idea to exciting … [Read More...]

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Fact:  You need to build an email list. Fact: Offering something to people helps them make the decision to sign up for your mailing list. One of our favorite uses for PLR is to help us build our lists. Here’s how we do it. Step One: Grab a PLR article pack from EasyPLR or DIYPLR Step … [Read More...]


I've shared with you 10 different ways to come up with content ideas. One of them was to doodle. I actually do that quite a bit and thought I’d share exactly what I do with you. Depending on what mood I’m in and whether or not I want to be tied to my computer, I either doodle “virtually” … [Read More...]

10 content ideas

Content is what drives the web and our online businesses. Think of it this way … the more content you have out there, the more potential customers and subscribers will find you and get to know you. Search engines also happen to love lots of fresh, new content and it’s something I’m constantly … [Read More...]


Taking Action Today Can Change Your Life - TODAY! Today Action Take Step is Simple Don't worry about being PERFECT! Perfection is the enemy of Success much like Comparison is the Thief of JOY! Day Three Tasks Grab hold of your mindset Stop where you are and realize what you have is … [Read More...]