We use the internet to find and learn just about anything these days. The web, in turn, thrives on content.

It’s this interesting intersection of content and consumer we are going to explore with the posts listed below.

More specifically, we’re going to look at how pre-written content can help you grow your reach and your customer base.

Content is how people initially find you. Well-crafted content is how they get to know you. Quality content that addresses their wants and needs is how they start to trust you.

This is the secret to a successful content marketing strategy… and you can accomplish all that without having to write your content from scratch or spend a lot of time getting it together.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have. It could be a blog, it could be an ecommerce site, it could be a local small business … if you can’t be easily found online by your ideal customers then you’re missing out.

You need to have a strong web presence. You need to be on the right social media platforms. And you need to have a robust email list of existing and potential customers that you stay in touch with regularly.

Pre-written content can help in all these areas!

The good thing about content marketing is that it’s easy to get it out there. Technology and things like blogging and publishing platforms make it possible for anyone to publish great content and to do so often.

The great thing about content marketing is that the more articles, blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, and social media posts you get out there, the better your chances of growing your reach and ultimately your online business success.

Are you getting excited about content marketing? Great! You should be.

The only problem is that crafting all this content takes time. And it takes time on a regular basis.

Time that takes away from everything else it takes to run a successful business. Sure, you could outsource it by hiring writers and content creators, but that’s expensive.

Frankly, having content custom written by a ghostwriter is out of the price range for many online entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Thankfully there’s a more affordable option that’s actually a better fit for most of us – Pre Written content or PLR.

We look forward to sharing our best tips and ideas on using pre-written content with you. Our hope is that you find this helpful and most importantly that you give incorporating PLR into what you do online.

Long before we became PLR sellers, we were avid PLR customers and more
importantly, we used the pre-written content to build out our sites, our email funnels, and even used it to help us quickly create high-quality products to sell.

Let us show you how you can do the same.

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Susanne Myers & Tracy Roberts