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Different Ways To Use A PLR Bundle

Do you ever buy a PLR bundle because the content looks good, or the topic is of interest to your audience, but then you sit there and can't figure out what to do with it?

We hear you. We've been there and frankly it still happens sometimes. If you need some fresh ideas or just a little how many ways plrinspiration, take a look at this list of different ways to use a PLR bundle.

Let's take a look at a pretty basic article bundle. We'll use our Bone Broth Article Bundle as an example.

It includes 10 articles about the making and benefits of bone broth along with a check list and some social media graphics. Let's see what we can do with this content.

We'll start with some of the obvious stuff and then move on to some more creative ideas.

  1. Post them on your blog as is or give them a light edit.
  2. Post them on your blog as guest blog posts.
  3. Use them as content for your email newsletter.
  4. Load them up into your autoresponder as a series on Bone Broth.
  5. Share the articles on your blog or website, and add excerpts to your autoresponder, sending them to your website to read the full post.
  6. Turn a few of the articles into  short report that you can give away and grow your list.
  7. Turn all the articles into a small paid eBook.
  8. Start with the articles, add your own thoughts, or more PLR to turn it into a higher priced eBook.
  9. Use the PLR content as an easy way to do research, then write your own eBook on making bone broth and sell it on Amazon Kindle.
  10. Use the content from the PLR articles to create slides that you can upload to slideshare and other sites like that.
  11. Use those same slides to host a webinar or Google Hangout about the benefits of bone broth.
  12. Record the hangout, or use screen capture software and your slide show to create a video presentation you can upload to YouTube.
  13. Use the information from the articles and film yourself making a batch of bone broth, talking about the benefits mentioned in the articles along the way. Upload it to YouTube and post it on your blog along with the applicable content from the PLR articles.
  14. Turn the content into audio podcasts.
  15. Take some of the benefits of bone broth mentioned in the articles and combine them with some pretty health themed images to create shareable social media graphics.
  16. Use small excerpts of the articles as Facebook posts and tweets.
  17. Share the entire articles, one at a time as Facebook posts or Facebook notes.
  18. Share the recipes for bone broth on various recipe sites like Yummly, AllFreeRecipes etc. and link back to your blog.
  19. Use the content to create a series of educational presentations about bone broth and offer to talk on various health, paleo, and cooking podcast and video casts to grow your reach.
  20. Use that same content to do local presentations in your area, or go to conferences.
  21. Give the articles to your affiliates to share and promote your larger Bone Broth info product in the posts.
  22. Use snippets from the articles to create an info graphic about bone broth that you can share.
  23. Make pretty printable PDF sheets people can add to their recipe or household binder with all the pertinent info about making bone broth. Give them away or sell them.
  24. Create an email challenge about eating healthier, using whole foods, or going paleo and use the content as part of the challenge.
  25. Tweak the content and use it in several different niches i.e. Frugal Cooking, Healthy Eating, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Weight Loss etc.

That's TWENTY-FIVE ways to use ONE pack of TEN articles.  If you take the list we've given you and put it into action you'll have a pretty darned good return on your investment.

Want a download a pdf copy of this list?  Click Here!

We hope you've found this helpful. If you feel inspired to share the awesomeness of Bone Broth, start by grabbing that PLR bundle right now and work your way down this list to use it in as many ways as possible.