We have another tip for you today about using PLR. We're going to take a look at how you can bundle PLR and create complete paid products. We've done this in a few different ways.

Grab a couple of different PLR bundles.

Take an article bundle here, a short report or ebook there, another article bundle from a different seller and compile them into a product.

Just paste everything into a word doc, and start editing away so the tone of voice, style, and formatting match.

It takes a little work, but you can also customize it for your audience and it's still a lot faster than writing from scratch and a lot cheaper than hiring a ghost writer.

Or you may get lucky and

Find everything you need at one PLR seller.

That makes the formatting and editing a lot quicker since it should all be in more or less the same format and tone of voice. Take this Common Sense Time Management Tips that Justin and Ted from Tools For Motivation put together for example.

It's an amazing deal by the way that you should check out…

But back to the tip about product creation. When you can find everything from one seller, go ahead and compile it all into a word doc, do a little light editing, tweak it for your market if applicable, create a cover (or hire someone to do it for you) and you're good to go.

Let's say you do this with the time management plr bundle. Since it's already presented in ebook format, that'll be easy. And it even comes as an audio book as well, which instantly adds value.

So you have your product. But remember, it consists of 50 tips. And in this particular PLR bundle you also get them in multiple formats including emails, tweets, Facebook posts, info graphics and videos.

Pick a few of your favorite tips in each format

Use them to start driving traffic to the sales page for your product. Pick a few more and post them as blog posts and recommend your eBook in the posts.

Rinse and repeat with all 50 tips.

Since readers will only see a few tips here and there and then check out the full ebook, they'll still be interested in buying.

Start by grabbing the Time Management PLR and give this a try. Or pick a few other PLR products and put them together.

We look forward to seeing what products you're coming up with. Please share them with us when you have them up for sale.

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