If you've been using pre-written content in your overall marketing and product creation strategy, you are familiar with the basics. Today we want to cover a few advanced strategies that help you make the most of the content you've purchased and help you boost your return on your investment.

For the purpose of this post, we're going to assume that you have a site that you publish content, are actively building a list of email subscribers, and have at least one paid product or service to offer to your audience. If that's not the case, you will get more use from the Step Up Your Game with PLR post here.

We're going to cover two important points in this blog post, both of which will help you make a real difference when it comes to using PLR content. Sure, you can publish articles or quickly create paid products with pre-written content, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. To step up your game, you want to use it to fill in the holes in your current funnel and then find ways to re-purpose and reuse that content multiple times to get the most bang for your buck. Keep reading to find out how to do both.

Map Out Your Funnel To Find The Holes

One of the most productive things you can do for your business this week is to map out your entire funnel and find the holes. No matter how long you've been doing this, you are missing opportunities to get new readers, convert them into subscribers, or sell them something. Yes, you're doing all of the above, but there are holes in your process where you're losing people. PLR content is the perfect tool to help you plug those holes. But first you have to find them.

Grab a notebook or open up your favorite mind-mapping software. Start at your blog or website and make a note of every asset and funnel you set up. We find it helpful to also highlight what subset of our audience we are targeting within each funnel. Chances are that you already know some of the bits and pieces you're missing. Maybe you need a fresh lead magnet for your beginners, or a series of blog posts to engage a particular group of potential buyers. Maybe it's a new product that breaches a gap between two things you already have up for sale. Use the funnel map to brainstorm, highlight, and pinpoint what's missing.

Don't forget about the very beginning of your funnel. Where are you reaching out to your ideal customers? Do you need to add more content on Medium or Linked in? Should you come up with a system to publish more YouTube videos or record more Facebook Lives? Does your autoresponder need emails? PLR can help you with all of that.

Another great use for PLR is to boost conversions of your existing products and memberships by adding valuable bonuses. Look through your existing offers and think about what's missing. Listening to your customer feedback is valuable here as well. What kinds of questions do you get. Can you find some quality PLR to help you either expand your product, or put together a quick bonus that will add value.

Our friend Cindy Bidar has an amazing resource that will help you build out a funnel and create a six figure marketing system. We highly recommend checking it out. It was an eye opener for us.

Boost Your PLR ROI By Using It Multiple Times

We love business expenses, particularly with tax time fast approaching. That being said, we also like making sure we get as much as possible out of each expense. We're sure you don't feel any different. With that in mind, let's quickly go over some easy ways to boost your ROI on any PLR purchase you make or made.

Of course the most obvious way to make sure you get something out of it is to USE IT! It's obvious, but we all have some PLR sitting on our hard drives that we had big plans for and never got around to doing anything with. Yes, we're including ourselves in that statement. It happens. Things change. We get excited about something else, or decide to take a different direction. Start by taking a look at what you already own and decide what's worth keeping and what's worth tossing out. It's time to channel your inner Marie Kondo on your horde of pre-written content.

Next, make a plan for using what you own, and don't get tempted to buy something else unless you have a plan for it. Don't get us wrong, we want you to buy more PLR. But we also want to make sure you profit from it so you stay in business and can afford to keep buying more 😀

Sticking to those two principles alone will help you insure that you get a pretty good return on your PLR investment, but we can do one better. Think about how you can use each piece of pre-written content multiple times. For example, those articles that you're publishing as blog posts can also become your next lead magnet and a series of YouTube videos. The bonus report you put together for product a could also become part of you next paid product, or make a great complimentary resource for your coaching clients. The emails you set up in your autoresponder to point people to blog posts or articles can also make a great starting point for various social media posts. Do you see how this can work?

There's another important reason to reuse PLR. Not all your readers consume content the same way. Some prefer audio or video over text. Some will read blog posts, but avoid any pdf downloads. Yet others don’t have a Facebook account, or won’t purchase your eBook. There are a lot of reasons why people will never come across your content if you only publish it once. Reuse it and share it in different formats and through various different channels. It’s your best bet for reaching the biggest chunk of your target audience.

Start by finding one or two pieces of PLR to reuse, then get in the habit of repurposing and reusing your pre-written content regularly. Your bottom line will thank you.

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