Since you've landed on this post, we're going to assume you have discovered PLR, like the idea of it, but you're not quite sure how to use and what exactly you can do with the content you acquired. If you're not quite sure what PLR is, take a moment to download and read our free guide “What The Heck Is PLR?”.

The cliff notes version is that PLR is pre-written content that's created by people like us (Tracy & Susanne) here at Piggy Makes Bank. Our team writes articles, short reports, eBooks and emails that you can purchase, edit as needed and use on your site.

Using PLR To Publish Articles & Blog Posts On Your Site

The easiest place to get started with pre-written content is to use it as blog posts or articles on your site. You know you need more content to reach more people. Start with a small set of pre-written articles. If you don't already own some, look at the free plr we have available here. While you can certainly publish those articles to your site “as-is”, they'll be a lot more effective if you tweak them for your audience and your needs.

We've recorded a short video of our best practices for quickly rewriting and publishing plr articles as blog posts.

Now it's your turn.

Pick a pre-written article and paste it into your site as a draft. Change the title. This one tweak alone will make your content more unique and help grab your audience's attention.

Another way to make the content more unique and make sure it blends well with everything else you publish is to make some small changes to the text to make sure it reflects your tone of voice.

Don't overthink it, just edit a few sentences here and there, particularly in the beginning.

Next, think about your readers. PLR articles are a pretty generic.

Make them sound more personal and thus make them more interesting by including specific details and examples that apply to your target audience.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are working with an article about chores for kids. Maybe the article is talking about the importance of consistency when having kids do chores. It’s written to fit for children of all ages, but your audience is toddlers. You work in some references to toddlers, use an example of a good toddler chore (picking up toys and putting them into a basket for example), and maybe even include how to make chores part of a routine a toddler thrives on.

One word of caution.

It's easy to get carried away with these changes and spend too much time editing the article.

The entire purpose of using pre-written content is to save time.

Don't spend more time editing than it would have taken you to write it from scratch. You don't have to completely rewrite everything.

Challenge yourself to only make a few changes before hitting publish. If you struggle with this, set a five minute timer and stop when the timer goes off.

Other things you may want to do before you publish the article on your site are to include graphics and images

Use some simple formatting like

  • bolding
  • adding subheadings
  • and bullet points

Last but not least, finish with a call to action on what you want your reader to do next.

Once you publish, you can use snippets of the plr content (or your reworded article) to promote the new blog post across social media and in email.

Using PLR To Create A Fresh Lead Magnet

Another quick and easy use for PLR is to create a new lead magnet or opt-in freebie for your site.

Start with a short report or an article pack of 5 to 10 articles.

If you're using articles, and they are not already compiled into one word document, start there. Next, add a title page, an about the author section, a table of content if desired, and a resources section at the end.

Make sure the formatting is consistent throughout the report and include a few images and graphics to liven it up.You can purchase stock images inexpensively from places like DepositPhoto.

Convert your word document into a pdf when you're happy with it and upload it to the media section of your website.

Set up an opt-in form and opt-in page that offers the freebie in exchange for joining your list.

You may want to include a graphic of your short report cover to make the opt-in more appealing.

We use Stencil to create our own, but also recommend Sam at Advancing Steps if you prefer to hire an affordable graphic designer.

Looking for more?

If you’ve got the basics down, but are ready to step it up a bit click here.

If you’re an advanced PLR user click here for some interesting strategies to boost your ROI when it comes to pre-written content.

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