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Is List Building For Me? Yep, You Betcha!

In short, if you’re a business owner then creating a list of people that have expressly given their permission for you to contact them so you can share information with them is life blood. Once you start sharing information, recommendations and your products & services with your list then you’ll start to find out exactly […]

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But I Don’t Want To Wear Underwear!!!

For the past couple mornings, my youngest and I have had a disagreement about his attire for school. For TEN whole minutes he stands in front of me, tears streaming down his face because he doesn’t want to wear underwear. Every morning I help him get dressed.  I sit with him standing in front of […]

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Just What are Analytics Anyway?

I’ve recently decided to pep up my blog and try to turn a profit with it. I’ve written in it for years, but never considered actually monetizing it in any way. The first thing I needed to do was start figuring out the traffic for my blog. So I spent a couple of days researching […]

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How to Use Christian PLR to Beef Up Your Newsletter

Many of us as Christian business owners or ministry leaders have the responsibility of creating a newsletter. This newsletter may be sent out on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. No matter how many times per year you send your newsletter, you will need to create content for your newsletter, and as you probably realize, […]

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