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Are You Ready To Get More Targeted Traffic?

To get traffic to your website, you need targeted content. The problem? Content creation can take up a large chunk of your day. Or you can outsource it, but that gets expensive quickly. If only there was a third option. There is and we’ll show you how to step up your content marketing without having to spend all day writing and how to do it at the fraction of the cost of hiring a ghost writer or assistant. The secret is pre-written content.

You purchased the BC Stack this year.  You want more traffic. You know that as an online marketer, blogger, or affiliate, you know you need content and lots of it. You need it for your blog, your emails, your lead magnets and if you’re selling you own digital products, guess what? Those are content as well. And then there’s social media content … The list goes on and on.

You get these 4 Private Label Rights packs on the topic of Traffic.

Click on the images below to get more details on each pack.

Value $47

  • 30 articles - 400+ words each
  • 30 emails - designed to support the articles
  • 30 social media posts

Value $47

  • 30 articles - 400+ words each
  • 30 emails - designed to support the articles
  • 30 social media posts

Value $87

  • Ebook: Driving Traffic Without Breaking the Bank (6,049 words) + Workbook
  • 30 articles - Minimum 400 words
  • 30 emails to help you share the articles
  • 30 social media posts

Value $27

  • 5 high quality plr articles – minimum of 400 words
  • 5 social friendly images that also work as blog post images
  • 5 emails to help you share the articles
  • 5 social media posts
  • You get a total of:

    • 95 Articles with a minimum of 400 words each
    • 95 Emails written to support your articles
    • 95 Social Media Posts 
    • An 6,000+ word Ebook + Workbook with additional information designed for you to sell
    • 5 Social Friendly Images

    Driving traffic with quality content doesn't have to be hard.

    Thousands of articles and blog posts written every day just disappear in our social media environment. The feed is all about what’s new and old stuff, even yesterday’s stuff, rarely resurfaces. Your audience needs you. That’s why it’s important that you are publishing new information for them to consume every week.

    We want to help you do that. That’s why we give you 95 professionally written articles. You can use them as emails, post them to Medium.com or LinkedIn or Facebook, as blog posts, or as content for your podcast. We design each pack with a theme, which means you can use the articles as a series. Invite them back to your website to read the others. For this year's BC Stack, we decided to share a bunch of great content on driving traffic with you. Use it to learn more and share it with your audience so they can do the same. 

    To get in front of people, you need fresh content on a regular basis. Some days it's easy. The words flow, and you know exactly what you want to share. Other days, you're sitting there, looking at a blank screen trying to figure out what you’re going to create. Instead of losing precious time, start with a few of the articles below. 

    Edit and tweak them as you see fit. Publish them on your website, in your emails, on social media... Use them to grow your reach and keep your existing audience engaged. Heck, you can even turn them into a fresh lead magnet that will grow your list, or use them to launch your next product more quickly than planned. 

    Ready? Click the red button below to access this extensive PLR bundle on Driving Traffic. Don't let it gather virtual dust on your hard drive. Put these words to good use! 


    What they say

    Things to Know About PLR Cheat Sheet

    You can also Click Here to download this as a PDF

    What Is PLR?

    - Private Label Rights – Pre-written content that will give you a shortcut to creating blog posts, paid products, webinars, live events & more

    - Can be articles/blog posts, short reports, ebooks, biz in a box, images, audio, video, emails… any type of content. Our speciality is the 30 Day Challenge PLR with emails

    - Similar to ghost writing but much more affordable

    - There is a lot of crappy PLR out there, but also some really good stuff (like ours). Susanne & I, along with Dan & Rachel, will help steer you to the quality content creators.

    Why/When Should You Use It?

    - Even a prolific writer can have writer’s block. Imagine how easy creating that next blog post will be if you have a starting place.

    - Saves time. A light edit by you or your VA and you’re good to go.

    - Gives you fresh ideas, inspires you.

    - Helps you build out your funnel and funnels help you make more money.

    - Reach more people. When you have more pre-written content you have more time to create relationships

    What Can You Do With It?

    - Edit it, change format, use it as free content, us it to make money as a paid product. Anything you want. Treat it like your content.

    - Can’t use it “as is” as a Kindle book.

    - It’s about so much more than slapping more content on your blog. Use it to help you get around to all the other stuff you don’t have time for (testing different opt-ins, sharing free reports to grow traffic and reach, create paid products from small to large courses, membership sites and coaching).

    Is It Cheating?

    - It’s all in how you frame it. You’d be surprised at who is using PLR content.

    - Use it as “guest posts” on your site while you’re on vacation or busy with more important things.

    - Use is additional content, not on the blog but additional subscriber perks or content upgrade; products to sell; freemium/opt-ins

    - Remember, you aren’t expected to know everything but you can be the person that knows where to find the answers.

    Is It Duplicate Content?

    - Duplicate Content isn’t really an issue but if you keep it exactly as is, and you’re not the first one to publish it, exactly as is, it may be harder to get it to rank in search.

    - Give a light edit - new title, new intro, add your own image, then tweak to make it sound like you or customize to your target audience.

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