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What Can you Do with PLR Articles?

by Nicole Dean You may have seen the term Private Label Rights or PLR articles being tossed around frequently lately. PLR articles are articles you can buy (usually in packages or as part of a membership) that you may edit and use as you wish. Unlike free reprint articles, you are not required to link back […]

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Do You Know Your Target Market?

You may be wondering what your target market fits in with niche marketing… it’s simple. It is the various prospects and customers you are ideally trying to reach in your particular Niche. When we first started out in affiliate marketing, we wanted to reach out to everyone and market just about everything – Not a good […]

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Blogging Questions Answered

Nicole Dean is considered to be a pretty successful internet marketer by some. Of course, she doesn’t know everything. (Who does?) But, she does know a lot about marketing with content and using shortcuts to make more money in your business while still having a life. On that note, Susanne asked her to talk about one […]

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How to Turn Articles Into Free Reports

One of the questions I hear quite a bit both from my readers here and on various Internet marketing forums is how to create free reports. One of the first pieces of advice you get as an affiliate or internet marketer is to build your list. The next piece of advice is usually that you […]

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How to Use Christian PLR to Beef Up Your Newsletter

Many of us as Christian business owners or ministry leaders have the responsibility of creating a newsletter. This newsletter may be sent out on a quarterly, monthly or weekly basis. No matter how many times per year you send your newsletter, you will need to create content for your newsletter, and as you probably realize, […]

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