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Affiliate Marketing

 Build Your List, Grow Your Reach, And Stop Worrying About Constant Content Creation! Quite simply, affiliate marketing is promoting and selling goods, services, or content created by someone else to your contacts. You do the leg work to promote and make sales for the affiliate program you endorse and earn income for your efforts. Being an […]

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Let’s Talk Dollars & Sense

Today I wanted to share the Money Mindset to Make You Soar Workshop from Coach Glue but then they went and released a new Planner about Affiliate Marketing.  I have to tell you that I was a little torn about which one to share with you so I decided to take a few minutes to […]

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3 Reasons To Promote Free Content As An Affiliate

We just launched another freebie PLR pack here at Piggy Makes Bank and it got me thinking about the benefits of promoting free stuff like this as an affiliate. After all, you’re not making a cent when your people pick up a free pack like this or any other kind of freebie marketing material. There […]

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All About Affiliate Programs – Part 1

You’ve probably heard the term “affiliate programs” but maybe you aren’t sure exactly what they are, how they work, how to start your own, or why you should have one. This article will help you understand more about affiliate programs. An affiliate program is an arrangement where someone other than the owner or creator of […]

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