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SEO Fundamentals – Let’s Keep It Simple

Let’s talk about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. A question about what you can do to get traffic from search engines like Google came up during one of our group coaching calls the other day and we promised to put what we shared into writing. While the article may look long, SEO Fundamentals are actually pretty simple […]

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Should You Have A Hub For Your Various Niche Sites?

A graphic that illustrates the concept of a system of websites arranged in a hub and spokes manner.

We asked our readers to submit questions they have about content marketing. Today we want to share Kim’s question about setting up a hub page as a central location pointing to her various niche sites and blogs. It’s a question that comes up quite frequently and we are excited to share our thoughts on the […]

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How Can I Get More Traffic To My Blog?

We always welcome your questions about blogging, making money online and making this whole internet thing work.  A few days ago we got the following question via email. We thought our reply might help you out as well. I would like to know how to drive traffic to my blog. I do use PLR. I […]

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How to Set Up 301 Redirect

You may know about using html meta redirects to protect your affiliate links. Today  let’s talk about our favorite way to redirect affiliate links Here’s how to set up 301 redirects. What Do You Use 301 Redirects For? There are a couple of different reasons why you may want to set up these redirects. 1) To […]

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Profiling Your Target Audience

Have you seen the TV show “Criminal Minds”? I was watching and older episode last night and something hit me … the way the characters profile their “unsubs” (the bad guys), is very similar to what I do to profile my target audience. If you’re not familiar with the show here’s a little clip of […]

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Are You Using These Content Marketing Strategies?

We’re all in this to make money, right? It doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate marketer, an info product creator or a blogger with sponsored posts and paid advertisement. But here’s the thing. Before one of your readers or followers will consider taking out their wallet, they have to know, like and trust you. […]

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Curious About Content Curation?

Tracy and I are having a lot of fun sharing great content from other bloggers with you through content curation. We’re glad the post yesterday about how often you should post on Facebook was so well received. We’ve also gotten quite a few questions about what this curation thing is. Beth Kanter over at […]

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