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How To Hide Pages In WordPress

So, you want to hide some of your WordPress pages from your navigation? There are a couple of good reasons why you may want to do this, especially if you are using WordPress to manage a content website. Here are some examples of pages you may want to hide from the regular page navigation bar. […]

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Solo Masterminds: Because You Can’t Do This Alone

Here’s the deal Kiddos – Solo Masterminds is getting ready to raise it’s prices to $97/mo on June 20th. However, because Kelly is just that awesome, she’s agreed to give us a coupon code that will give the members here a deep, deep discount of $24.97/mo ($10 off current rates but $72 off the increased […]

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Plugins: Friends or Foes

If you are using WordPress as the tool for creating your website, CONGRATULATIONS! First of all, did you know that WordPress is by far the most popular ways to create a website? In fact,  check out these facts:  WordPress is used by more than 18.9% of the top 10 million websites as of August 2013 […]

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Blogging for Kids

Get ready to be inspired! As a blogging solopreneur, I’ve been encouraging my own kids to start their own sites sharing their own interests. They see me working and have helped me with posts and writing assignments on occasion so they know that I make money from my blog. My two older kids actually have […]

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Virtual Assistants Need to Practice List Love

List love? What’s she talking about? I mean building a list of followers for your virtual assistant business. Let me explain with a little story. I was in a virtual assistant forum that I frequent the other day and saw a comment that went something like this. “I need help deciding between these two list […]

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Grow New Income Streams Sooner Not Later

This is a guest post from Kelly McCausey of Solo Smarts. Back in 2002 when I first started to make some extra money on the internet, I only knew of two or three basic ways to do it. Do something for someone and get paid for it. (Graphic & Web Design, Writing, etc.) Sell something […]

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Smart Blogging Skills – Week 15

The final week! Week 15 of Smart Blogging Skills is all about Writing Powerful Blog Posts: Three Post Styles To Stand Out With Writing a powerful blog post is the cornerstone of your blog.  It’s one of the reasons people will continue to come back to your site and treat you like a trust resource.  […]

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Smart Blogging Skills – Week 14

Week 14 of Smart Blogging Skills is all about Affiliate Marketing: Writing Product Reviews and Getting Into Adsense. Affiliate marketing is a big part of how I make money here at Moms In A Blog.  Both as an affiliate for other people’s stuff and by having an affiliate program for my own ebooks and products. […]

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Smart Blogging Skills – Week 13

Week 13 of Smart Blogging Skills is all about Creating Video Content For Your Blog I have to confess that I am extremely resistant to video.  I tend not to watch much and I shudder at the thought of appearing on camera. However, I realize there is great power in video content.  In fact, I […]

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