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Blogging for Kids

Get ready to be inspired!

As a blogging solopreneur, I've been encouraging my own kids to start their own sites sharing their own interests. They see me working and have helped me with posts and writing assignments on occasion so they know that I make money from my blog. My two older kids actually have blogs and although they aren't blogging much yet they are excited about the possibilities.

I want my kids to have the ability to make money even if they don't have a traditional 9-to-5 and blogging can help them do that.

Juju & Ponn Sabra are two very smart and motivated girls that have taken what they've learned and have their own successful sites and get this – Juju is only 12 years old and runs the sites with her younger sisters.

I've bought this for my kids to read (they're 16, 8 & 5) because I want them to see other kids being successful.

If you've got a budding entrepreneur in your life, then this is a great book to share with them. It'll probably do you some good, too. 😉