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Emergency Preparedness PLR Bundle

 10 Articles, 10 Social Media Posts, 10 Product Recommendations, & Handy Checklists on “Emergency Preparedness”   Depending on where you live, you have the very real possibility of dealing with a variety of different natural disasters from hurricanes and tornadoes to earthquakes and snow storms. Add to that man-made scenarios that can put you in an […]

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30 Days to Happiness Challenge

  We’ve created a 30 Day Challenge you can run to grow your list and inspire activity in your community.   Here’s What’s Inside The 30 Day Happiness Challenge  30 Emails and 30 Articles Host your own email challenge and keep your readers happy and engaged all month long. This special Happiness Challenge PLR Bundle includes 30 articles (14,347 […]

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Increase Your Profits by Making Backend Sales PLR Articles

increase profits with back end sales

10 PLR Articles & 10 Social Media Posts on Increasing Your Profits by Making Back End Sales   Any marketer worth his salt knows that the real money isn’t made in the initial salt. The true profits are in the backend sales. It takes money, time, and effort to create and market a product. Then there […]

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Mental Focus PLR Bundle

Improving Mental Focus PLR

 15 PLR Articles and 5 Social Media Graphics for “Mental Focus” We all have days when we struggle to focus or concentrate on the tasks that need doing. This can happen at home, in school, or in our personal lives. Show your reader what they can do when they are having a hard time focusing, but also […]

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Preserving the Harvest PLR Bundle

preserving food plr

 1 Short Report, 10 Articles, 20 Recipes, 10 Product Reviews & 10 Social Media Posts around “Food Preservation”   Do you know where your food comes from? We used to rely on locally grown and harvested food that was produced and sold right in our communities. Now food is shipped across the country and even across […]

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Email Engagement Article Pack

email engagement plr

 10 PLR Articles and 10 Social Media Posts   for “ Email Engagement” Email marketing is a great way to grow an online business. Show your readers how they can get better results from each email they send to their list by engaging with their subscribers more. Engagement can help with anything from email deliverability, to creating […]

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Big Smoothie PLR Bundle

smoothie plr bundle

 1 Short Report, 10 Articles, 10 Recipes, 10 Product Reviews & 10 Social Media Posts around “Healthy Smoothies” We all know we need to be eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. But with our busy lifestyle, that’s easier said than done. It’s much quicker to hit the drive through or grab a snack from the vending machine […]

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Profiting From Pokemon Go PLR Articles

5 PLR Articles on Profiting From Pokemon Go   The Pokemon Go app popped up out of nowhere and has taken the nation by storm. You see people playing the game all around you and the Internet is full of memes, articles, and news reports about this latest online craze. To us, as entrepreneurs and online business […]

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Untapped Email Marketing Profits Article Pack

 10 PLR Articles and 10 Social Media Posts   for “Untapped Email Marketing Profits” We have some brand new email marketing PLR ready for you. Below you’ll find a bundle of 10 articles all focused around untapped email marketing profits. The idea is to tackle these simple tasks and make small improvements to things like your lead […]

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Bullet Journal Article Pack

bullet journal plr

Have you heard of bullet journaling? It’s a hot new trend in getting organized and making sure you’re productive. It’s also a great way to stay on top of your busy life. Grab the PLR bundle, give bullet journaling a try yourself, and then share the content with your readers. This topic is easy to monetize […]

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