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Smart Frugal Finance Article Pack

Are you in the personal finance niche? How about frugal living or being smart with your money? We have some fresh new content for you that’s ready to be added to your blog, your emails, or even your info products. Share the advice your readers are looking for to help them make the most of […]

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Sugar Detox Article Pack

The average American consumes over 160 pounds of sugar per year. The sweet stuff has found it’s way into almost every food we eat and drink we consume and it’s wreaking havoc on our health. Unfortunately, sugar is also quite the addictive substance, much more so than we ever thought possible. It’s time to educate […]

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Blogging Article Pack

Are you looking for quality blogging content to add to your blog or website? It seems like everyone and their mom have a blog these days. And with that comes a big interest in how to blog better, how to grow a blogs reach and how to monetize it. Show your readers how they can become better […]

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Premium Slow Cooking PLR Articles

Get 5 premium PLR articles you can use on your blog, or turn into a short report. Premium content at a low price.

5 PLR Articles on Slow Cooking The slow cooker is such an under-rated kitchen appliance. But it’s making a big comeback as busy families struggle to keep up with crazy work and after-school activity schedules while still getting healthy, home-cooked meals on the table. Take advantage of this big kitchen trend and share with your readers how […]

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Slow Cooker: 30 Auto-Responder Emails & 30 Corresponding Recipes

We’ve created a 30 Day Challenge you can run to grow your list and inspire activity in your community Here’s What’s Inside The 30 Day Slow Cooker Challenge  30 Emails and 30 Recipes Host your own email challenge and keep your readers happy and engaged all month long. This special Slowcooker challenge PLR Bundle includes 30 […]

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Slow Cooker: 27 Page/7,022 Word Short Report/Ebook

Do you need an eBook or short report that you can give away to build the list to run the 30 day challenge? Or how about an eBook you can sell to them to monetize your emails. We’ve got you covered.  We took a large portion of a cookbook Susanne has successfully sold for years […]

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Clean Eating PLR Bundle

A  Short Report, 10 Auto-Responder Email, 10 PLR Articles  plus  3 Social Media Graphics & Editable Ecover for “Clean Eating 101: Kicking the Junk Food Habit in 30 Days” Have you heard about clean eating? It’s a way to change what you eat and include more natural foods, cutting out all the processed stuff we’ve gotten […]

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Working Out At Home PLR Bundle

A  Short Report, 10 Auto-Responder Email, 10 PLR Articles  plus  3 Social Media Graphics & Editable Ecover for “Working Out at Home” We know we should be getting more exercise, but who has time to go to the gym 5 times a week? The good news is that there’s a popular alternative – working out from […]

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Reviving Old Blog Posts PLR Bundle

4,736 word Short report, checklists, spreadsheet, 3 social media graphics. editable ecover

A  Short Report, A Checklist, A Spreadsheet  plus  3 Social Media Graphics & Editable Ecover for “Reviving Old Blog Posts” Are you working with other bloggers? Do you teach internet marketing or monetizing content in any way, shape or form? Then this content is for you. The PLR report will walk your readers, clients or students through […]

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Business Productivity for Profits PLR Bundle

 A  Short Report, 10 Auto-Responder Email, 10 PLR Articles  plus Checklists & an Ecover for “Business Productivity for Profits” Are you looking for quality business content to add to your blog or website? Do your readers look for ways to make more money from their website with what they already have? Are they interested in easy to […]

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