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Things to Know About PLR Cheat Sheet

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What Is PLR?

- Private Label Rights – Pre-written content that will give you a shortcut to creating blog posts, paid products, webinars, live events & more

- Can be articles/blog posts, short reports, ebooks, biz in a box, images, audio, video, emails… any type of content. Our speciality is the 30 Day Challenge PLR with emails

- Similar to ghost writing but much more affordable

- There is a lot of crappy PLR out there, but also some really good stuff (like ours). Susanne & I, along with Dan & Rachel, will help steer you to the quality content creators.

Why/When Should You Use It?

- Even a prolific writer can have writer’s block. Imagine how easy creating that next blog post will be if you have a starting place.

- Saves time. A light edit by you or your VA and you’re good to go.

- Gives you fresh ideas, inspires you.

- Helps you build out your funnel and funnels help you make more money.

- Reach more people. When you have more pre-written content you have more time to create relationships

What Can You Do With It?

- Edit it, change format, use it as free content, us it to make money as a paid product. Anything you want. Treat it like your content.

- Can’t use it “as is” as a Kindle book.

- It’s about so much more than slapping more content on your blog. Use it to help you get around to all the other stuff you don’t have time for (testing different opt-ins, sharing free reports to grow traffic and reach, create paid products from small to large courses, membership sites and coaching).

Is It Cheating?

- It’s all in how you frame it. You’d be surprised at who is using PLR content.

- Use it as “guest posts” on your site while you’re on vacation or busy with more important things.

- Use is additional content, not on the blog but additional subscriber perks or content upgrade; products to sell; freemium/opt-ins

- Remember, you aren’t expected to know everything but you can be the person that knows where to find the answers.

Is It Duplicate Content?

- Duplicate Content isn’t really an issue but if you keep it exactly as is, and you’re not the first one to publish it, exactly as is, it may be harder to get it to rank in search.

- Give a light edit - new title, new intro, add your own image, then tweak to make it sound like you or customize to your target audience.

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