What Is Content Repurposing And Should You Do It

In one of our last live group coaching sessions, we talked to our members about repurposing their content. we thought we'd share some of the main points of that session here with you. If you've been wondering what content repurposing is and if it's something you should do, this article is for you.

What Does Repurposing Content Mean?

If you're new to the concept, repurposing content basically means that you use it more than once. For example,  you could write a blog post and then take it and also make it part of a short report you give away to grow your list. You can repurpose just about anything you can create. We also recommend repurposing any PLR you buy (from us or other reputable PLR sellers). You get more bang for your buck if you use those words in multiple ways. More on how to do this a little further down the post.

Is Content Repurposing For Everyone?

Yes, we think anyone could benefit form repurposing content. Here's why. It takes time, effort (and if you hire it out money) to create great content for your audience. Why not make the most of it by sharing it multiple times? That's one part of the story. The second part and in our opinion the more important reason to repurpose everything you create is because it increases your changes of reaching your target audience.

The internet is a huge place and we come across lots of different blog posts, podcast episodes, videos and the likes on any given day. Chances are good that your readers and subscribers miss a large percentage of the content you publish. Or maybe they see it, but don't have the time to read it all at that moment. Maybe they read it, but it wasn't the right time for the message to resonate with them. Or maybe they just needed a reminder to get something done. In short, your readers benefit from repurposing content.

Don't be afraid to publish and share your content again and again. Your audience will appreciate seeing it multiple times. In fact, they may need to hear your message several times before it sinks in. How many times have you heard things like “the money is in the list”? How often did you have to read about the benefits and how-to of list building before you started your own? Your audience is no different, no matter what niche you are in.

And let's not forget that different people prefer to consume content in different ways. Some of your potential customers are hanging out on Facebook. Others prefer to hear from you via email. And let's not forget about different learning styles. One guy wants to read your article while another will watch a YouTube video. Get your content out there on multiple platforms in different formats and you'll greatly increase your chances of reaching your audience.

What Content Should You Repurpose?

The short answer as we mentioned above is EVERYTHING. Every piece of PLR content you buy, everything you have ghost written for you, everything you write or record can and should be repurposed.

The PLR You Buy

A great place to start is with the PLR you buy from us and other quality PLR providers. We're going to pretend that you use at least some of the content from every single pack you buy. Next go back and repurpose it. You've already spent some time editing it, using examples that speak to your particular target audience. You've changed the wording, so it sounds like you. Why not get the most milage out of the money you spent and the time you've invested in tweaking the PLR content?

The Blog Posts You Write

Look at your blog posts. If you've been running your site for a while, you have a goldmine of high-quality content sitting there waiting to be turned into something amazing. The words you've written have value. Share them in different formats so more readers and customers can be exposed to what you have to say.

The Social Media Posts You Create 

We're all guilty of spending too much time on social media. But guess what? When we're not busy looking at cute cats or cookie decorating videos, we tend to create a good bit of content. Find the social media network you're most active at and look at the content you've created. How and where can you reuse it? Can you re-share? Set engaging posts up to re-post every six to twelve months? At the very least, consider posting the same or similar message across multiple platforms to grow your reach.

The Emails You Compose 

Don't forget about emails. If you are anything like us, you mail quite a bit. That's all content you're creating that could be reused elsewhere.

And don't just look at your regular email newsletters or weekly promo emails to your entire list. Go through the sent folder and look at those emails where you answered a question or shared a helpful tip with an individual reader. They make great blog post starters and can be used in a variety of different ways throughout your content marketing.

The Instant Messages You Type All Day Long 

Do you use Instant Messenger to communicate with customers and colleagues? If so, you're also creating content that you can use at the very least as a starting point for something bigger. That conversation you had with a fellow marketer, or realtor, or mom of a toddler will probably include a lot of great info for your readers. Use it as a starting point to write a new email or blog post. Or use it to decide what product you want to create next. The same goes for questions from customers and prospects. Use their questions (reworded or with permission) and your response to help out every one else.

The Forms You Post On 

Back in the day before social media, we used to connect with like-minded individuals on forums. Depending on your niche, forums are still a thing. If you're actively posting, you're sharing content that you can use. And if you've been a member of the same forum for years, if not decades, you have quite a bit of evergreen stuff that you can pull out and turn into blog posts, emails, short reports, or even social media posts.

Let's Not Forget About Visual And Audio Content 

If you record video, or audio content, or if you create your own images, think about how you can reuse those. A graphic created for your blog post can easily be resized for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and of course Pinterest. You can have your podcasts and audio interviews transcribed. If it makes sense, strip the audio from your videos and use it as audio content. Then transcribe it for those people that prefer to read.

Another way to reuse audio and video content is to break it up into snippets, or by combining related clips into a longer audio or video file. Mix and match and reuse as you see fit. Start by taking inventory of the visual and audio content you've accumulated over the years.

The Products You Create 

Last but not least, I want you to consider the products you're creating for repurposing. Again, you're putting a lot of time and effort into their creation. Why not make the most of it? Look at every product you've created so far. What's still valid information today? What can you use in a different wayway?ing forward, create your products with multiple uses in mind. Start by reading the section below on repurposing your content and consider what you're learning as you plan and develop your next products.

How Do You Repurpose Content?

Now we get to the fun part. It's time to reuse, recycle, and re-purose all that content. Let's start where we left off above with paid products.

Put A Spin On Your Products And Republish 

Your products are were you are making your money. They take time, effort, and resources to put together. An easy way to repurpose them is to put a different spin on them for a different target audience. Let's say you're helping local businesses with their marketing. Create one guide for barber shops and another one for florists for example. Much of the core message and content will be the same. You just change out some of the examples, images, and niche specific instructions. With little effort you have a brand new product ready for a new subset of your overall target audience. 

Put It On A Different Platform

Another great option is to publish on a different platform. For example, your blog post readers may not be opening your emails. You reach a different group of people on Facebook than you would through your Podcast or YouTube channel. By sharing the same message and similar content on different platforms, including of course your own blog and your newsletter and emails, you improve your chances of reaching those people that will turn into paying customers and raving fans. 

Something we're just starting to play with is repurposing some of our content including our blog posts on Medium. You can follow us here [Insert Link to our Medium Profile or whatever]. Our friend Connie Green has been doing this for quite some time with great success. You can find out more by reading her blog post about why Medium is just right for her, and by 

Try A Different Medium 

Take any of the text you've written and turn it into video content. Take a blog post and record a YouTube video around it or go live on Facebook. Take a short report and make it the topic of your next podcast. Record an audio or video version of your blog post that you can embed. 

Remember that coaching session I mentioned at the beginning of the post? Here's part of the recording where I go over some of what I've shared in today's blog post. Yet another way to repurpose and present your content in a different medium.

In case you're wondering, the Group Coaching is not available at the moment, but you can pick up the M.A.D. Coaching Guide we wrote for the group here. If you're in a slump or want to get better at making progress faster when it comes to content marketing and using PLR, pick up a copy and start implementing.


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