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Genetic Mutation Causes World-Class Copywriter To Discover Unthinkably Powerful PLR Technique

“WHAT’S THIS? I didn't order any extras. Did you order any extras?”

The event organizer looked at his assistant. Puzzled. 

A fight scene was unfolding. 

Before his eyes. 

On the concert floor.

Who were these giant masked turtles who'd suddenly broken in… through the door?


And fighting other ninjas like they were choreographing with the rap?

“Well…” his assistant started.

“GET ME A PHONE! I WANT THE POLICE! NOW!” screamed the organizer.

But while the arrival of the phone waited, the fights began to intensify and rapper Vanilla Ice on stage unexpectedly started improvising, rapping in-tune and in-lyric to the course of the battles, as if everything had been a carefully staged and mapped out event that had been planned as an unexpected surprise for all on the dance floor tonight.

“It's the green machine. Gonna rock the town without bein' seen. Have you ever seen a turtle get down. We're gonna rock and roll the place with the power of the ninja turtle base. Iceman, you know I'm not playin'…”

The crowd started going into a frenzy.

They couldn't stop watching the seemingly (and beautifully) choreographed scene.


Ninja bodies punched left and right… flew and swept across the floor…

“Go ninja, go ninja, GO!” 

Everyone started chanting.

“Go ninja, go ninja, GO!”

The concert organizer couldn't believe his eyes. 

“Go ninja, go ninja, GO!”

Suddenly, he felt something brush his shoulder.


He looked at the phone his assistant was handing him.

“It's the police,” the assistant said.

“The police? What are you doin'? They like it! They like it!”


That's what I feel when I relive these childhood memories from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

The movie came out at the height of Ninja Turtle popularity.

Pizza and toy sales were through the roof!

And I was one of the customers…

But while that's all good and well for reminiscing, that's not the important part. The important part only happened several years after that… 

… on the business class section of a lonely plane… 

… way up in the sky.

Michael Masterson, one of the world's top copywriters, was onboard. 

And he just happened to sit next to…

The Creator Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

So Masterson struck up a conversation. And eventually… he asked the guy:

“How did you come up with the idea for the Ninja Turtles?”

To which the guy replied: 

“Well, teenagers were really popular at the time (with all the teenage boy bands). Mutants were really popular at the time. Ninjas were really popular at the time. So I just took all of those ideas and mixed them up with turtles.”


That right there was the formula for a multi-billion dollar business that's still generating millions even today.

Want to revolutionize your content marketing and kick your income up a notch?

“The Trend Is Your Friend!”

In a previous article, I talked about Arnold Schwarzenegger's escapades on his way to making his first million. One of his earliest ventures was a bricklaying business with his best friend, Franco. They took the money from that venture and started investing. And growing. And diversifying.

What did Arnold invest in?


Not just one. 

But lots of them.

His bodybuilding was going well. He was winning championships left and right. And people started sending him letters asking for his advice. He saw a trend there. So he started a Mail Order Marketing business selling his own information products on building up the body based on his own personal experience and experiments.


He invested tons of his income into real estate trends.

He had a mentor. A lady named Olga. Who looked like an Egyptian. And she took him under her wing. She taught him everything she could about real estate.

And he absorbed it all like a sponge. 

Buying low. 

Selling high.

Bringing his fortunes to the next level.

Even after that, it was just trend. After trend. After trend.

Whatever you do, whether you're creating your own content, or grabbing some great PLR and using it as your own, always remember:

“The Trend Is Your Friend!”

But you know what's even better than tapping the trend?

“STACKING The Trend!”

Tapping into the right trend can make you millions. BUT…

… just like in the case of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

… stacking multiple trends into one BIG idea can make you BILLIONS!

One of the biggest mistakes that I've seen business owners make is just buying plain vanilla PLR.

You know the ones that just talk about the most general stuff in the world? Stuff like…

“How To Garden PLR” for people who want to do gardening.

“How To Make Money Working From Home PLR” for people who want to make money from home.

“How To Make Pizza PLR” for people (and turtles) who are obsessed with pizza.

Plain vanilla.

Not bad. But not good either.

It can get you some traffic. And sales. And help you expand your reach.

But it's boring.

So here's how to fix that:

Instead of just investing in PLR that covers the general stuff in your niche…

… start buying PLR on trending topics, and then…

Mash Them All Up Together!

For example: Are you in the weight loss niche?

You can keep buying your plain vanilla weight loss PLR… but on top of that, try buying some “hot trending” PLR… like stuff on gardening, improving your immune system, and other things people are desperate for right now… and then… figure out a way to combine them all into a single piece of content that teaches you… 

“Gardening Exercises That Help You Lose Weight And Boost Your Immune System At The Same Time… All While Growing Your Greens For The Coming Apocalypse… From The Safe Confines Of Your Isolated Backyard!!!”

Or if you're in the business niche?

Buy your plain vanilla business PLR. But then, buy something a little more relevant to the times. 

Maybe some survival PLR. 

Maybe some renewable energy PLR. 

Maybe some health PLR.

Then, put them all together into a single piece that talks about: 

“How To Cut Your Business Expenses In Half By Creating Your Own Renewable Power With Energy-Generating Exercise Bikes (With Laptop Holders) You Can Use In Your Home Office!”

Ok, so maybe that was a little too dramatic. But you get what I'm saying.

Mix and match your PLR. 

Stack them up with the latest trends. 

And watch your traffic and profits soar…

But at the same time, always remember:

“Go ninja, go ninja, GO!”

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