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Work At Home: Accomplish Your Goals In Five Easy Steps

It is key for anyone who works from the home to have a plan and write it down. You can do this in a daily planner or even in a notebook. If you are a visual person make a chart of your goals. Here are five important steps to help you attain your goals.

1. Visualization – Picture yourself five years from now. Where is your business? Do you have employees? Do you want employees? How much money are you making? How many hours a day do you spend on your business? What percentage of your time is leisure time, etc?

2. The Five Year Plan – Be there in that place in your mind, five years from now. Employ as many senses as possible in you vision. After you see your five year plan, in detail, go to your journal or planner and write it down. If you are charting your plan, make a large circle in the center of your chart and put the details of your five year plan in the center of the circle.

3. Your One Year Plan – Ask yourself what you will need to accomplish this year in order to be where you see yourself in five years. For instance, if you want to be making $250,000 in five years, what is the minimum you will have to make this year? How much money will you need to spend on your business to make that happen?

4. Your Monthly Plan- This step is where people often fall down. They have their five year plan and their one year plan and are even good at making lists but don't chart or write a monthly plan. A monthly plan keeps you on track. What steps do you need to take, this month, to meet your annual goals. If necessary, look at your yearly plan and divide those actions into twelve manageable goals.

5. Make Lists – Make a daily list of actions needed to be taken, in order of importance, and check them off in the same order. Focus all of your attention on one action at a time. When that is completed move to the next item on your list. On a weekly basis, refer back to your monthly plan and see how far you've come to attaining those goals. Plan your new lists accordingly.

If you take at least twenty minutes on this exercise, you will be successful. In writing down your goals, you send a message to your brain for these goals to become a reality. The mind-body connection is one of the most powerful tools you have for the success of your business.

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