What if you could change your life for the better one little action at a time?

What if?

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And, What If You Were Also Super Proud Because You, Sweet You, Were Making the World a Better Place?

We’re Making it Happen. Together.

Susanne & I have joined up with Nicole Dean and several other of our friends and colleagues to participate in the Awesomizatio Nation challenge starting September 1st and we'd love for you to join along with us.


We asked Nicole if she'd share a little more information with us.

We've read the story about why you decided to start the Awesomization Nation but we have a couple more questions for you.

What if I don't feel awesome or just started my business?

In my opinion, the BEST time to do this challenge is when you don’t feel on top of the world.

When I don’t FEEL awesome is the time when I need to DO awesome more than anything else, even if it’s just tiny acts that move me forward in some small way.

Through those tiny actions, I make progress in my life and in my business. Plus, doing for others helps me take the focus off of my own struggles. I suggest it strongly whether you join the Awesomization Nation or not.

What do you want to feel like at the end of September? What would you like to have achieved in your business? If you focus and set your mind to moving towards that goal every day for a month, truly, you can do it.

On October 1st you can give yourself a big high five and say “I am really AWESOME!” and believe it.

For our readers & customers thinking about joining in this challenge – what's in it for them? Does is really work?

How can it not work? You’re DOING things that you feel with make your business more awesome, your life more awesome and that will make the world a better place? The only way it doesn’t work is if you don’t do the three things. Otherwise, in a month… you’re ahead of where you were today, right?

Why do you offer this challenge year after year?

The reason is that people start asking for it about every six months. “Nik, when’s the next Awesomization Nation? I need one.” They either have goals they want to accomplish or they just don’t feel super awesome and want that magic again. Because they keep asking for it and sending in testimonials every time, I keep doing it. 

We notice a lot of folks come back time after time. What are they getting out of repeating the challenge?

Because the challenge is designed around the individual, the experience can be totally different every single time. One time through they might be more focused on just making it a habit to drink a green smoothie every morning instead of their coffee. They might also be working on their first webinar.

The next time through might be more about gratitude. They want to write in a gratitude journal every day and exercise that gratitude muscle. And, since they did that first webinar, now they might be working on getting JV partners this time around and Facebook ads to feed the webinar. Perfect! Both times, they came in looking for different things and they have the whole month to work on it.

What are some of the cool results you've seen from other Awesomization participants?

Oh my goodness. It’s so interesting because everyone is so different. On the business front, a few of the members have gotten past their fears to do the things that they’ve needed to do in their business, because 1. They figured out that it takes action to be the awesome version of themselves, and 2. They wanted to report back in to the group, because they said they were going to be doing it.

But, I also just love the stories of people thinking about what they’d like their awesome version of their self to be like and stopping themselves in the moment to BE and DO that.

Rather than snipping at a child, for instance, a mom might stop and laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. And why exactly is there spaghetti on the ceiling fan? Or rather than being frustrated in the parking lot, just taking the spot further away and enjoying the walk to the store.

And the people who really embrace the part about awesomizing the world… they are so inspiring. Sending care packages to soldiers, giving clothing items that they’ve been holding on to a women’s shelter and releasing the stuff so that others can be blessed by it. SO MUCH GOOD!

But we are entrepreneurs, so let’s talk business…
What really would your business look like in 30 days if you –
1. Wrote 500 words a day towards a book – AND published it at the end?
2. Called all of your former and potential clients (one per day) to connect and see if they need anything?
3. Made a commitment to write a guest blog post or be interviewed on a podcast every day for 30 days?


Click on the “Join Us” below so we can become even more awesome together!


Susanne & I are looking forward to getting started and we'll be posting updates along the way so you can see the things we're choosing to do to make our lives and the world around us better!

If you sign up please send us a quick note to let us know so we can root along side you.

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