Summer is coming…

and we'll be working shorter hours over the summer because we've designed our business to keep on working even though we're not chained to our computers and we're here to share our “secret sauce” with you.

Summer IS coming but you can continue to grow your business and flourish even during these lazy, hazy days.

Summer Is Naturally Incorporated Into Our Business

It's our favorite time of the year and while we do work less our online business continues to grow and flourish.

If you're tired of riding out the “summer slump” and ready to grow your list, then we invite you to head down to the beach, pool or water hose along with us while we squeeze in a few, little tasks while enjoying the summer with our families.

The idea here is to work on three little things that you can squeeze in between all of the fun things you have planned with your family.

If you're a morning person like me & Tracy then it just makes sense to get up an hour before the rest of your family, grab a cuppa your favorite beverage and your laptop and get some work done on the patio before heading out for the day.

What can you get done in under an hour? Let's take a look…

1 – Make A Splash With A New Opt-in Gift

Are you still sharing the same opt-in you've been using for the past 4 years? Even thought it's probably still great content, it doesn't hurt to mix things up and try something new.

Think about what your readers ask about the most. What's their biggest problem? What do they need help with? Then take stock…

Chances are that you've already written a short report or a series of blog posts on the topic. Or maybe you just wrote a lengthy email to one of your readers full of helpful tips.

Take that existing content, add to it and edit as needed and turn it into a new short report.  If you're more of an audio or video person, create a short video or audio recording on the topic.

Your opt-in gift doesn't have to be long – checklists work great! – Just make sure it's helpful and that you give your readers some action items to help them move forward. In other words, be helpful and make a good first impression.

Last but not least, don't forget to email the new opt-in gift to your existing subscribers as a courtesy.

Remember that you don't have to do all of this in one day. Use the hour you've set aside before everyone wakes up or, plan for 20 or 30 minutes a day or even block of a day before you go on vacation to get it done.

Don't forget to TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT!!!

2 – Travel The World

One of the best things about summer is that we get to travel. We leave our own, comfortable home to experience new things, new cultures and just plain see something different. Why not do the same with your online business this summer?

Spend a little time to travel around the blogging community. Write some guest posts for other sites in your niche. Believe us, they'll love the free time your guest post will give them…especially during the summer.

Spend a few minutes while you're drinking coffee in the morning to read and comment on other blogs.

You can even participate in, or better yet, create a collaborative blog post.    Maybe spend 30 minutes or so and do some Q&A for your community.

Again, you don't have to spend hours each day to get this done. Just fit it into your daily schedule and do your best to expand your reach this summer.

At the end of each guest blog post or email interview, invite readers to check out your blog and join your list. (And don't forget to mention the brand new opt-in gift you just created).

3 – Play in the Waves

Last but not least, what would summer be without a little splashing around in the waves (or going for a quick dip in the pool). There is no better time than right now to step up your social media efforts.

The beauty of it is that it only takes a few seconds here and there. Choose your favorite social media platforms and create a quick post while you're waiting to be seated for dinner.

Make relevant comments on social media posts and be helpful.

Reach out and make some new, genuine connections while you're waiting for the kids to get out of summer camp. You get the idea.

Don't be afraid to get a little personal this summer.

Share some pictures of a beautiful sunset or let your readers know how much fun you had watching the kids build a sand castle this afternoon. Let them know you're a real person and don't be afraid to make some real connections via social media.

Grab your favorite mobile device (in my case it's my smart phone) and turn the minutes spend waiting around as productive work time.

And don't forget to regularly share your awesome new opt-in gift.

Spend a little time this summer on these three things, while vacationing with the family and grow your list and thus your income while working less.

Of course, done-for-you content makes a great short-cut to creating an opt-in gift.

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We're sure it'll come in handy with all these new subscribers you're adding to your list this summer.

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