Smart Blogging Skills – Week 11

Week 11 of Smart Blogging Skills is all about Understanding Your Analytics And Using What You Learn

Blog Stats.  Do you know yours?  Do you know which ones you should be paying the most attention to or better yet, what to do with the information that your analytics program provides?

This lesson is so important when it comes to passive income and leveraging content that you already have vs creating new content.

It's also very timely since this weekend is Kelly's first live workshop on Knowing Your Blog Stats.  I'll be there because I want to “Learn How To Analyze My Blog Stats
& Implement Simple Content & SEO Strategies That Grow My Traffic.

It's a live workshop this Saturday, October 13th from 1-3pm Eastern.

Kelly demonstrate the process she goes through in evaluating existing blog traffic stats and the decisions she makes about:

  • Capitalizing the content she already have for more traffic.
  • What content should be given extra inbound link effort.
  • Determining what new content to create to increase page views.
  • Tweaking content for optimal search engine benefits.
  • Make decisions about adding Affiliate Recommendations.
  • Make decisions about Google Adsense placement.
  • Spot content that just isn’t working for her.

Like all of the lessons, there is a pdf “summary” and short audio where Kelly give you practical information that breaks this week's tasks down into bite sized pieces and shares what you need to do and why you need to do it.

This Lesson Will Teach You:

  • What to do with all that information
  • How to make a list of keywords search phrases & what do to with them
  • How to increase traffic from already well performing posts
  • Ideas for targeting fresh links
  • To be aware of what types of posts best encourage participation & interaction


What did you learn this week?

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