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Smart Blogging Skills – Week 1

Week 1 is all about making sure your blog is in the exact spot it needs to be to take advantage of the rest of the lessons.

Kelly has included a great resource called the“Shareability” Checklist.  You can find it listed under Free Blogging Resources.

It's a fairly detailed checklist that will give you some idea of how ready your blog is to start sharing with the world.

Now on to the good stuff in Lesson One.

If you're a brand new blogger then this is the perfect lesson for you to make sure that you have all the pieces and parts ready so that you can put them together and start marketing.  If you've been at this awhile then it's a great reminder of what you could/should be doing.

There are 7 bonus audios from some of favorite people like Nicole Dean, Lynn Terry & Alice Seba.  You'll hear more about them in future posts.

Along with the audio recordings, there is a video that gives you tips of how to make your blog posts more enjoyable to read!  That means you'll be more engaging and readers will be more likely to visit your site more often increasing your ability to share your information.

Along with must have tools and social media sites you should be using, there's a short list of WordPress plugins that will help make your blogging life easier.

What did I learn from this lesson?

  • I was reminded that I needed to get a Gmail account for one of my sites.
  • I was able to figure out how many people are subscribed to my RSS feed.
  • I found a couple more social media sites I should be using.
  • I was introduced to some new plugins that will definitely make it easier to create posts.
  • I learned where I could go to learn how become a more effective blogger.
  • The audios were an awesome resource on affiliate marketing practices.

What did you learn this week?


P.S.  Don’t worry if you don’t have your copy yet; it’s delivered electronically so you can grab it right now! It’s only $27.30 after your 30% discount (don't forget to use coupon code = MIAB) — well worth it for a successful online business!

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