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Selling on the Internet and the Economy

You may be considering selling a few things on eBay to make some extra cash, or you may have toyed with the idea of trying eBay as a home business. Here are some thoughts that may help you decide whether or not to take the eBay plunge. As an eBay consultant, I am often asked, “Do you think eBay is on the way out?” or, “With the economy’s downturn, aren’t you afraid your eBay business will fail? Doesn’t that make you nervous?” My answer, “absolutely not!”

1) eBay offers less expensive alternatives to traditional consumer purchasing. For example, I sell mostly apparel and shoes. Consumers can purchase my products for a fraction of what they would purchase them for in a traditional retail setting. So, actually, if the economy suffers, eBay sellers have more job security than traditional sellers because more consumers will come to us to purchase our items – our products are more affordable in times of financial strife.

2) Internet shopping is the trend of the future. Many people rely on the internet to shop, compare prices, and for fast shipping of purchases. We live in an instant society – people want things immediately, without waiting. Internet shopping is a time saver for many consumers. For example, Instead of spending their lunch hour getting into their car, driving to the mall or other retail store, possibly getting stuck in traffic, and searching for needed items, many consumers sit at their desk and place their orders on-line. Busy moms don’t have to take their crew of small children to the store. As our population continues to age, more and more senior citizens can comfortably shop from home without the hassle of parking, walking, carrying packages, or having to venture out alone.

3) As gas prices continue to climb, internet shopping becomes more attractive. Resourceful shoppers will stay at home and shop on-line as opposed to unnecessarily driving around and using gas.

4) As of 3/07 quarterly report, eBay has over 233 million users with 133,000 signing up every day. eBay continues to grow. According to “eBusiness and eCommerce Solutions,” internet opportunities grow with the number of internet users. The world wide web is globally pervasive. The internet has attracted more users in more countries than any other communication tool in recorded history. Suzanne Wells is an eBay Power Seller, eBay Consultant, and stay at home mom of 2 in Atlanta.