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Keep Using and Repurposing All PLR To Never Run Out Of Content To Share

Here's another Brilliant Way to Use Pre-Written Content To Grow Your Business  and we’ve saved to best for last.

We want to show you how to use PLR to never run out of content so share with your audience.

In short, we want to share our ideas for recycling and repurposing all this pre-written content in multiple ways.

There are two big reasons why this works and a few more why it’s a good idea and a smart business practice.

Let’s cover that first and then we move on to the “how to”.

One of the biggest reasons why you need to start repurposing content is simply because not everyone sees every single thing you put out there. Sure, we’d like to think that our core audience is out there anxiously waiting for every new word, video, or page we put out there.

Even when they are, due to content being published and distributed through multiple outlets and the way email and social media work, chances are slim to none that people see everything you put out there.

Quite the opposite is true. The majority of your audience only sees a portion of what you create.

Add to that the element of time and our short attention span, and you start to realize that sharing the same basic message or piece of content multiple times isn’t a bad idea. You are simply giving people multiple chances to come across it and consume it. And let’s not forget that we sometimes have to hear multiple things in multiple ways before we really “get it”.

Speaking of which… your audience is made up of individual people who have different learning styles and different ways of absorbing information. Some may prefer to read an email or a blog post.

Others like to download a report or ebook to their favorite e-reader, curl up on the couch and dive in. Others have a hard time focusing on text and instead prefer to listen to an audio recording while they are on a run, or watch a video while they are cooking dinner or wind down after a long day. Still others prefer to learn by doing and do much better with a checklist and some basic instruction.

Presenting the information and content multiple time in multiple ways and different formats isn’t the lazy way out. It isn’t cheating. Instead, it’s serving your audience. Keep that in mind if you’re questioning whether or not you should repurpose your content.

Repurposing pre-written or PLR content isn’t just good for your audience, it’s also good for you and your business. You buy the content, why not make sure you get the most from the money you spent. You can greatly improve your ROI (Return on Investment) by using that piece of content multiple times. Let’s run through a quick example.

Let’s say you buy a 30 article PLR pack and to keep the math simple, let’s say you paid $50 for it. That means you’re paying $1.66 per article. You put the articles on your blog and do your regular social media sharing.

Let’s be super conservative and say that on average each piece of this content brings 10 new people into your funnel over the lifetime of the content. (Hopefully you’ll do much, MUCH better than that… but for the purpose of illustration, we’ll keep the numbers super low and easy to calculate). This means that you end up spending roughly 17 cents per new subscriber. That’s not bad.

Now let’s look at what happens when you reuse the content a few times. Let’s say you also repurpose the articles into a new lead magnet that grows your list by an extra 300 people.

You also do a Facebook Live video about the content of each article that result in 10 new leads per video. You upload those videos to YouTube and strip out the audio to create audio posts. You record a few podcasts based on the content and maybe even a webinar or two.

You start to pull out little pieces of content from each article to share on Facebook and Twitter. You create a few images with those quotes to share on Pinterest and Instagram.

In short, you repurpose and recycle the content several different ways in order to reach your audience in different ways and cater to different preferences when it comes to information consumption. Your content starts to show up on multiple platforms, each of them reaching a slightly different audience.

For our math example, let’s assume that those efforts combined help you reach another 40 people for a total of 50 people reached per one original PLR article. Instead of $0.17 per lead, your now looking at $0.03 per lead.

If you were looking at Facebook advertising, you’d be getting really excited by now, wouldn’t you? Remember, these were super conservative numbers and this is content that will continue to work for you and continue to bring in new leads month after month, year after year.

These are content pieces that you can continue to share in your emails and on all your favorite social media sites. This is content that’s searchable and findable. It will continue to work for you day in and day out.

Now that we’ve established without the shadow of a doubt that reusing your PLR content (or any content for that matter) multiple times is a good idea, let’s dig a little deeper into the “how to” portion.

We already shared some ideas with you in the paragraphs above, but what we want to do next is give you several different ways to think about this. We want to leave you with some solid strategies that you can start to implement going forward and continue to use as time goes by and your business grows and thrives.

Repurposing Content Over Time

Not everyone will see your content in real time. Additionally, it isn’t always the right time for someone to hear the message you are sharing. That’s why it’s important to go over the same topics and basic principles again and again.

Start using your PLR but don’t get rid of the originals if you’re dealing with evergreen content.

Instead, stick them in a folder and revisit them a few months or even years later. Give it a new twist and publish the same basic article again with a new headline, a new hook, a new images, some fresh examples, and if possible additional hints and tips of course.

Repurposing Content By Changing The Format

In addition to waiting a bit between representing the same content, it’s good to change up the format. People consume the content in a variety of different formats. Cater to that by offering it in different ways.

Start with the blog post, but also record an audio and video version. Compile a few articles into a short report or ebook. Make it part of a paid membership program that also includes more direction, checklists, etc.

You know from your own experience that you have to be exposed to ideas multiple times and that it takes several attempts, or reading the same thing in a few different ways before you decide to take action, or before it really “clicks”.

Your readers and customers are no different. Don’t be afraid to use the same content in a variety of different ways. You grow your reach and you give them a chance to come across it in a few different ways and from different angles. You are helping them and giving the concepts you’re sharing a chance to sink in.

Repurposing Content By Changing The Platform

Last but not least, remember that you can share your content on a variety of different platforms. Your blog or website is just one of them. You can also write an email that’s based on a PLR article. You can take statements or quotes from the text and tweet them with a link back to your post. Do the same with Facebook, or create entire notes, pages, and documents that are part of the resources of your Facebook group for example.

You can take a concept from an article and create an infographic that you can share on Pinterest and Instagram. You can use a PLR article as the basis and inspiration for a guest blog post, or as a shortcut for getting your next LinkedIn or Medium article published.

You know best where your audience hangs out. Look at that list regularly and decide how you can use pre-written content to make sure you have a regular presence in those places and on those platforms.

The theme of this section is mixing and matching. Not only should you mix and match how you use the PLR, but also how you re-use the PLR. Use each of these three methods and don’t forget to go back to the previous 9 chapters for plenty of ideas to use PLR content.

The rest is up to you. Reading about 10 brilliant ways to use pre-written content to grow your business is great and we’ve put a lot of thought and effort into this document. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to take action and implement what you’ve learned here.

Go grab a PLR pack or sign up for our PLR Membership. Download the pack, look at it, and make a plan for putting it to good use in the coming weeks. Be as detailed as possible and make a list of daily tasks or action steps to make sure it gets done. Keep plugging away and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Let’s Grow Your Business!