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5 PLR Articles on Profiting From Pokemon Gopokemon


The Pokemon Go app popped up out of nowhere and has taken the nation by storm. You see people playing the game all around you and the Internet is full of memes, articles, and news reports about this latest online craze.

To us, as entrepreneurs and online business owners, the most interesting part of all this is the reports popping up about businesses and individuals who are already cashing in on this latest trend.

Show your readers how they can do the same with these PLR articles. (Or use the content to come up with ideas to grow your own business with Pokemon Go).

Who says it doesn't pay to play video games all day?

Your PLR Bundle Includes:

5  PLR Articles  – 400+ words each

  1. Use Pokémon Go Attract More Foot Traffic To Your Brick and Mortar Business
  2. Thanks To Pokémon Go You Can Become a Real World Pokémon Trainer
  3. How To Profit From Pokémon Go as a Blogger
  4. Share Your Gaming KnowHow And Profit From Pokémon Go
  5. Pokémon Merchandise Is Becoming The Hot New Trend In Affiliate Marketing

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If you want to help your readers cash in on the Pokémon Craze, you can get this incredibly value-packed pack of 5 articles for only $5. That’s way less than you’d pay a quality ghostwriter to write just one article for you.

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That's a total of  2,539 words for $5. Give your readers the content they are looking for! 

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