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Profiling Your Target Audience

Have you seen the TV show “Criminal Minds”? I was watching and older episode last night and something hit me … the way the characters profile their “unsubs” (the bad guys), is very similar to what I do to profile my target audience.

If you’re not familiar with the show here’s a little clip of a profile:

Notice how much detail they go into when describing the guy. They often include age, race, family status, his relationships with his family, character traits, hobbies, etc.
That’s the kind of information you want to have on your potential subscribers and customers. Who’s that ideal client that you are building your business around?
Sit down for a few minutes tonight (or this weekend) and create an FBI worthy profile. I also like to give my “ideal customer” a name. Take some time to describe this person. What does she do, where does she work, how many kids does she have? What kind of food does she like? What are her dreams and hopes for the future.
Once you have that detailed profile, it will become a lot easier to “talk” to this person in your blog posts, articles, email messages and sales material.
Give it a try!