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Have you come across this Poo-Pourri commercial?

I have to be honest… the first few times I saw it, I thought it was a joke. Turns out it's a real product with a brilliant marketing team behind it.

Marie from takes the branding apart and shares 3 powerful  strategies these guys are implementing.

1) Know Your Target Market

She digs deep (excuse the pun) and shows exactly how the Poo Pourri folkes narrowed it down from everyone (since everybody poops), to the exact demographic most likely to buy their product.

2) Ignore The Nay-Sayers In Your Audience (and beyond)

It's so easy to get discouraged by people that just don't like something about your product, your website, the way you present yourself etc. The hard truth is that Nay Sayers are all around us. Read the post and watch the video on the post to find out how to how to deal with those people.

3) Spread Your Message Everywhere 

Being congruent in your marketing message across the board is essential in gaining trust and customers. Check the post and video for awesome example.

Click here to go to Marie Forleo's Post and the hilarious and informative video about what Poo Pourri is doing right. 

I'm off to do a little spying on the Poo Pourri marketing materials, videos etc.

What about other brands? Can you think of a brand that's really impressed you with it's marketing lately? Who was it, what have they done and more importantly, how are you planning to adapt it for your own business?



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