The Power of Optimism: Letting Go of Negativity for a More Positive Life Ebook/Workbook & Canva Template PLR


The Power of Optimism Cover

We've put together a professionally designed ebook and workbook combo all about the power of optimism. This ebook/workbook will teach your readers how to let go of negativity for a more positive life.

Use it to create a new lead magnet to grow your list or share it with your existing members.

You get a professionally designed ebook/workbook combo with 55 pages of content in PDF format. You can use this pre-written content as is or edit it as you see fit. Tweak it to fit your niche and your business requirements. Put your name on it and use it in your overall content marketing strategy. You can edit the colors, fonts, and content using Canva (instructions included).

If you want to help your readers be more optimistic in their lives, get this professionally designed ebook/workbook for just $27.



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Here's What You Get:

Professionally Designed 55-Page Ebook/Workbook Combo (PDF format)

Topics include:

  • Nature vs Nurture – Is Negativity Part of Evolution?
  • Studies Show We Have a Bias for Negativity
  • 6 Key Contributors to a Negative Mindset
  • You Can Overcome a Negative Mindset
  • 7 Character Traits of Positive People
  • Discovering the Power of Optimism
  • & More…

Workbook topics include:

  • Negativity Assessment
  • How Optimism and Positivity Can Impact Your Life
  • & More…

Here's a sneak peek:

The Power of Optimism Ebook/Workbook


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Canva Template

You'll also receive a Canva Template with instructions on how you can customize the Ebook/Workbook PDF using Canva to fit your branding by changing the colors, fonts and content to specifically fit your audience.

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That's a 55-page professionally designed ebook/workbook combo and Canva template.

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