I LOVE neworking, when it is done right. To many people see networking as a chance to sale stuff. While in the long run, our goal is to make sales, networking is about connecting with other people in your industry, learning from each other, sharing advice and growing your circle of influence.

I have heard many people complain that networking isn't working after they join a network and sit through a few parties.

To build a network you need to:

– find great place to chat with other people – both in your industry and in your target market

– take time to attend parties, exchange emails, chat, etc – in order to build relationships/friendships with other members

– remember that networking takes time! Network every chance you get – even if is doesn't seem like they could help your business. You may be surprised. For example, I have networked with married, young mothers selling diapers – not the target market for a bridal business – but then a few months later, one of their friends gets engaged….VIOLA!

-PARTICIPATE & Support other members – sitting in a chat room without adding anything of your own just makes you a lerker, and will not build you network.

Do you network? Where?

Just a few thoughts:)

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