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My Face On The Web?

Kelly over at WAHM 2.0 posted about the face you show everyone on the web.

She made some great points like how it might not be the best idea to post your graduation photo unless, of course, you've really just graduated! Or how it's probably best not to post a photo of yourself after having imbibed a bit too much…..and how it's ok to NOT have a photo of yourself if you'd rather not.

She also shared some great pictures and she inspired me to take some new ones of myself to share, especially since I just got a new summer hair cut with snazzy highlights that cover the gray just the right way 😉

My daughter got out the camera she took silly pictures for quite awhile until I realized that it wasn't going to get much better….and just choose one of the passel she took.

….then I had to get brave enough to share!!

Now, if you've been hanging on to that old, although flattering, picture of yourself, I challenge you to share your new photos with us by leaving the link in the comments section.