The internet is a great place to share your thoughts and opinions but did you know you can make money doing it? Your own blog is the perfect place to write about your passions AND find ways to monetize it to make you money.

The great thing about the internet is that you are connected with literally millions of people the world over who are all looking for something. If you’re able to provide what they need, then you can turn a profit for your efforts.

Make Money Blogging

Blogging, as most of you know, began as an online diary or journal.  As the times changed, blogging has turned into a way to share many different topics and build your own audience in your preferred niche. With an audience, you can create an income that will allow you to work from home, if you so choose.

The thing about blogging though is that it can take a while to build your following. As your following grows you will have more opportunities and influence. But, you don’t have to wait to try to turn a profit from your words.

Implement some or all of these tips and you will create a blog that will net you an income:

Start A Blog

You can start a blog for virtually no money. Blogging platforms are free. So, do you have something to say in a particular area? Investigate your niche to see the other people who are already blogging about your topic of choice and how successful they are. You can learn a lot by following these blogs. Then, create your own blog with your unique slant on the niche.

Optimize Your Blog

Ever heard of SEO? It stands for search engine optimization. You’ll want to do everything you can to get your posts ranked high in the search engines so people can easily find your blog. To do this you’ll want to use targeted keywords in your headlines, photo captions, taglines and anchor text.

Promote, Promote, Promote

To gain a healthy following you must promote your blog. Use social networking sites and social bookmarking sites to showcase your articles and posts. Begin to build relationships with your audience and other bloggers. Article marketing can also help you link back to your blog so people who like your work can read more.

Sell Ad Space

Successful internet sites are prime real estate. Sell space to visitors, other bloggers and your subscribers in prime locations on your site.

Blog Consistently

People won’t continue to come back to a blog that isn’t updated regularly. So to maintain your current readers and gain new ones you will want to provide new content on a regular basis. So, keep the information coming and your blog will build up readership and income.

Blog for Others

If you are a talented writer you can make money freelancing. Your writing talent can benefit others who don’t have time to continually update their blogs. Many companies want great writers and will pay handsomely for your skill. They may ask you to blog about them to increase their sales among many other topics.

Blogging is a smart way to begin making money on the internet.

If you're ready to get your blog started join us at Moms Making Money Online and let us help you get started.



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