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List Building: Squeeze Pages

What is a Squeeze Page and What Does it Do?

A squeeze page is a landing page where you collect contact information from your potential customer. The sole purpose of the squeeze page is to get the reader to give you the information you request. This initial contact does not involve sales directly. You want to gain the trust of your potential customer before you ask them to consider buying something from you.

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It's called a squeeze page because you are squeezing people for contact information. Whether you are looking for subscribers or sales leads, a squeeze page is an effective way to get the information you want.

What can they opt-in for?

It can be free analysis, free reports, catalogs, newsletters and the like. You choose who you are looking for and what media will get the names and email addresses for you.

The main benefit you will gain here is a list of subscribers that are within your target market. Someone who sees your offer but is not interested will not sign up. Its smart to use a squeeze page as just that. Some use it as a sales page as well but it can draw people who are not within your target market. If you post a page that offers “get rich quick” scenarios, you are guaranteed to get lots of takers but not the ones you want.

Characteristics of a Successful Squeeze Page

People pay a lots of money to have squeeze pages made for them because they know that collecting the contact information is crucial for building a customer base. You want to pull out all of the stops with your squeeze page to get noticed by your niche. So, let's start at the top, the top of the page that is.

A Catchy Headline

People have so many things being pushed at them on the Internet that having a good headline may be your only chance to gain their attention. Focus on summing that up in a few words to use for your headline. For example, “Researchers Say it takes Two Weeks to Make or Break a Habit.” Don't forget to use the same keywords you researched for your website.

Make It User-Friendly

Use numbered passages and bullet points to gain the reader's attention. Bolding the font brings the readers eyes to what you want them to see and lets the reader scan the page to see if you have to say anything that they want to hear.

Get Personal

Share a relevant story. Maybe you had a habit you wanted to create. Give the reader insight into your issue and how you solved it.

Call To Action

Be sure to include what you want them to do. If it is signing up for something, tell them what they will gain and how to sign up. Have your opt-in form clearly labeled with a link to your site.

Squeeze pages are a great way of creating laser targeted lists of interested people who will hopefully become customers. They are a great way to not only grow your list, but potentially your profits too.