Today's guest post is from, our dear friend, Kelly McCausey of &

She's always been a no-nonsense, make-no-excuses business coach and we love her all the more for it!

One of the things that we have in common is that – while we want you to buy our PLR (of course we do!) we want you to actually USE IT!

Kelly's the original PLR Anti-Hoarder and she's got a little bit of advice for you!

What if you went through your Private Label Rights Content Stash with Marie Kondo's perspective on only holding onto that which #sparksjoy for you?

There's all this amazing PLR we can use to grow our businesses but it can't do us any good stored away unseen for years on end, amen?

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Kelly McCausey is the mouthy third of Joyful Trio, the partnership that brings you White Label Perks and Daily Faith PLR.

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