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Can I Convince You To WANT To #konmari Your PLR Stash?

Today's guest post is from, our dear friend, Kelly McCausey of &

She's always been a no-nonsense, make-no-excuses business coach and we love her all the more for it!

One of the things that we have in common is that – while we want you to buy our PLR (of course we do!) we want you to actually USE IT!

Kelly's the original PLR Anti-Hoarder and she's got a little bit of advice for you!

What if you went through your Private Label Rights Content Stash with Marie Kondo's perspective on only holding onto that which #sparksjoy for you?

There's all this amazing PLR we can use to grow our businesses but it can't do us any good stored away unseen for years on end, amen?

Kelly McCausey is the mouthy third of Joyful Trio, the partnership that brings you White Label Perks and Daily Faith PLR.

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