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Is List Building For Me? Yep, You Betcha!

In short, if you're a business owner then creating a list of people that have expressly given their permission for you to contact them so you can share information with them is life blood.

Once you start sharing information, recommendations and your products & services with your list then you'll start to find out exactly who you customers really are and once you have a list of loyal customers – you have the ability to continue sharing with them over and over again.

It doesn't matter how many people are on you list – you should start sending emails on a consistent basis* from the beginning. The 5 people on your list don't know they're the only 5 but they did sign up for your list expecting something from you.

They're expecting it so don't let them down.

List Building

Build a Relationship

Once you start building a relationship with your readers by sharing your information, making recommendations or telling your readers about your products/services consistently –  they come to expect your emails every Wednesday morning (or however often you promised to send something).

Remember :

  • Not every email you send will make you a ton of cash.
  • Not everyone on your list will buy everything.
  • But, everyone will start to know, like and trust your authority on the matter.
  • And the sooner you start, the sooner you will be profitable.

What Should You Share In Your eMails?

Vary your emails so that you're not constantly bombarding them with sales pitches. In fact, make that the minority of your emails.

  • Share your blog posts
  • Cool thing you've found on the internet
  • Free ebooks, printables or reports
  • Information on your products/services or recommendations

So, if you share these four types of emails then only 1/4 of your emails should have any promotion or call to action to buy something.

If you haven't started building your list yet, why not?  Aweber (my choice) has a deal where you can get the first month for just $1.