Is It Time To Start Outsourcing? PLR

Outsourcing is the equivalent of hiring someone to come clean your house, mow your lawn, or run some new electrical lines. Just as in real life, there are lots of different types of tasks you can outsource. Sometimes they are things you’re perfectly capable of doing, but don’t enjoy or have time for like posting and interacting on social media or answering emails. Other times, you may outsource a task because you don’t have the skill set required.

Outsourcing allows you to do two important things.

It gives you access to skills you don’t have and stops you from being limited by what you can get done in a day. This last one is important and the part where most solo entrepreneurs get stuck. We all only have twenty-four hours per day to work with. Some of that time (quite a bit actually) will be taken up by non-biz related things. That leaves us with a handful of hours each day to focus and get stuff done. Imagine how much more would get done when you hire someone to do part of the work for you. You can potentially double your output.

With this content you can show your readers how to outsource so they can enjoy their best work/life.

Time to Start Outsourcing PLR

This is how we’re going to help you grow your audience, make more money, and stop losing precious time figuring out what to do.

  • Thousands of articles and blog posts written every day just disappear in our social media environment. The feed is all about what’s new and old stuff, even yesterday’s stuff, rarely resurfaces. Your audience needs you. That’s why it’s important that you are publishing new information for them to consume every week.

    We want to help you do that. That’s why we give you 10 professionally written articles. You can use them as emails, post them to or LinkedIn or Facebook, as blog posts, or as content for your podcast.

    We design each pack with a theme, which means the articles are really a 10 day series. Invite them back to your website to read the others.

    And then instead of looking at a blank screen trying to figure out what you’re going to create and how, losing precious time, with content from our Business Content Plan you get to start implementing, executing, growing and making money.
  • It takes work to grow your email list. Real work. Think about all the time you’ve been working and what it took to put together the list you have.

    Suppose you want to grow your followers this month. How about posting your articles to Medium and then sending an email for each article to your list . . . with links to your account. Or Goodreads. Or your Facebook group. Instead of wondering what to write, just hit send and start growing immediately! We give you 10 emails– one for each article.

    If you take away the “stall” that happens when you start creating content, you get to implement and execute and grow and make money right away.
  • We've put together 8 professionally designed Canva Templates & PDF printables all to help with creating a growth mindset. Use them to create a new lead magnet to grow your list or share it with your existing customers.

    You can use this pre-written content as is or edit it as you see fit. Tweak it to fit your niche and your business requirements. Put your name on it and use it in your overall content marketing strategy. You can edit the colors, fonts, and content using Canva (instructions included).

What Are You Waiting For?

You can get all of the Outsourcing content listed above for just $27

Here's A Sneak Peek of What You Get...

10 Articles

The Work From Home PLR pack includes 10 professionally written and edited articles on the topic. Use them as blog posts, create a blog post series, or compile them into a short report. There is a lot  you can do with this content.

10 Emails

Website content is great, but traffic is king. With these emails, not only can you send traffic to your blog at the press of a button, you are building a relationship with your audience.

The Article Titles Include:

  1. Overwhelmed With Everything You Have To Do?
  2. When It’s Time To Call In The Pros
  3. But I Can’t Afford To Outsource Yet
  4. How To Determine What To Outsource First
  5. Are You Wasting Time And Energy On Tasks That You Should Outsource?
  6. How To Make Outsourcing Pay For Itself
  7. The Power Of Working In Your Zone Of Competence
  8. Coming Up With A List Of Tasks You Want To Outsource
  9. You Don’t Have To Outsource It All At Once
  10. Creating An Outsourcing Budget

The Email Subjects Include:

  1. What exactly is outsourcing and what can it do for your business?
  2. I can’t afford to outsource (yes you can!)
  3. Three tips for finding great people to outsource to
  4. It takes time to teach someone else to do this
  5. Taking the long view with outsourcing
  6. Imagine what you could do instead!
  7. Don’t get discouraged when things don’t work out
  8. Outsourcing allows you to design the life you want to live.
  9. Are you bumping into your own limitations?
  10. Outsourcing isn’t just about the biz

You will also get these 8 Printable Canva Templates

Outsourcing Preparation Checklist

People love checklists and printables. Start them off with this handy checklist that helps your audience prepare to outsource a new project or task. 

This editable document makes for a great freebie or part of a paid product. This type of content does really well on Pinterest.

Outsourced Project Checklist

Speaking of checklists, here's another one your readers and subscribers will love. This printable checklist will help everyone stay on track of what they've outsourced already. And don't forget to use them yourself as well.

Outsourcing Budget Worksheet

The key to long-term outsourcing success is to make sure you earn more than you spend. This simple budget sheet will help you make that happen by staying on top of what you spend and what the work your outsourcing is adding to the bottom line. 

Small Business Outsourcing Planner

Who doesn't love a good planner? 

This simple business outsourcing planner allows your audience to keep track of what each outsourcer is working on and how they are doing. They can print it as often as needed and you can of course customize it for your niche. 

Task Analysis Sheet

Is your audience struggling to figure out what to outsource first? This simple worksheet will help them get the clarity they need. Oh, and it's super colorful which will help with Pinterest traffic if you choose to go that route.

Time Tracking Sheet

When you outsource, you pay other people for their time. It's important to track it to make sure you are profitable. This simple time sheet will help you do just that. Use it yourself to judge how long something should take, or hand it to everyone on your team. 

Of course your audience will love it as well. Don't forget to use these PLR printables for yourself and share them with your readers and customers.


Outsourcing Worksheet

Here is another fun printable that would do really well on Pinterest. Or use it to grow your list while helping your subscribers decide what they should outsource and what they shouldn't. 

As always, don't forget to use this simple planning sheet yourself. 

Zones Of Competence Worksheet

Effective outsourcing is all about doing what you do best and hiring out the rest. Help your audience determine what they are good at, what they are okay at, and what they don't do well with this simple worksheet. Great for coaching sessions or as a content upgrade for a blog post or video on the competence.


Why Buy From Piggy Makes Bank?

Susanne Myers & Tracy Roberts have been creating content since 2004. They've combined their creative skills with their marketing skills to create quality pre-written content for savvy business owners.

Here at Piggy Makes Bank they focus on high quality content. Even a brand new entrepreneur can see a huge ROI.

These smaller packs are perfect to create opt-ins, content upgrades, or various other pieces of content to help your audience grow their list and engage their communities.

Each piece of the pack was created to work seamlessly together. That said, they are just as effective when used separately. In other words, you can mix, match, and repurpose to your hearts content.

Save Time

What could you do with extra time every month?
That’s what we want to give you.
At the beginning of every month we want to get you to be hours ahead. As your personal content creation agency, we’re going to get into your hands all the business content you need in a month to converse with your email list, post on social channels, publish on your blog and sell to your audience.

And then instead of trying to figure out what you’re going to create and how, you get to implement and execute and grow and make money

Have you had time to get all the stuff done you need to move your business forward?

Save Money

Having someone create custom content for your site is expensive. And it can be a risky move for a small business. Will you ever recoup the hundreds of dollars you paid that ghost writer? 

PLR gives you custom content on a budget. A few edits and tweaks make it unique to your site and perfect for your ideal target audience. Business owners and bloggers have used pre-written content as their secret weapon for years. Isn't it time you gave it a try? 

Save Sanity

We want to show you how to give that fun to your audience. And then instead of trying to figure out what you’re going to create and how, you get to implement and execute and grow and make money.

We help you keep them engaged by giving you the tools to engage them.

And then instead of trying to figure out what you’re going to create and how, you get to implement and execute and grow and make money.

What Are You Waiting For?

You can get all of the Outsourcing content listed above for just $27


How Can I Use This Content?

  • Can be edited completely and your name put on it.
  • Can be used as web content.
  • Can be broken down into smaller articles.
  • Can be added to an e-course or autoresponder as content.
  • Can be added to an ebook / PDF as content.
  • Can be given away.
  • Can be packaged.
  • Can be offered as a bonus.
  • Can be added to free membership sites.
  • Can be added to paid membership sites
  • Can claim full authorship.
  • Can be used in your affiliate program to help your affiliates promote your products.

What Can I NOT Do With This Content?

  • Can't be submitted to article directories.
  • Can't be used in Kindle books
  • Can't sell with PLR Rights
  • Can't offer Master Resell Rights
  • Can't be offered through auction sites

Where Do I Download My Purchases?

To access your PLR products please log in at with the username and password you choose when you make your purchase.

Once there you simply scroll down to Active Resources, Click on the link to the product you’d like to access and you’ll be taken to the download page

What If I Have A Questions?

You can submit a ticket to the Customer Service area inside your dashboard or simply email us at  Someone will answer you within 48 hours unless it's over a weekend or holiday.