If you're writing a blog, or running a website, no doubt you've got alot of images on those pages – products, buttons, banners, personal photos, badges, and more. Here is a strategy for getting more traffic to your blog posts or website by naming the image and adding some text laden with key words, rather than leaving your images named “pic.786579A.”

Before uploading an image, take a few minutes to think about the key words you are using in your blog post or on your product page, and name the image accordingly. For example, let's say Rebecca is selling hand-painted children's furniture and has this photo of a step stool on her website:

Rebecca should name this image something like, “Handpainted childrens step stool blue polka dot.” Seems like a really long title, right? The name you create for your image becomes the alt tag for it, and search engines can pick it up. So, if your site or blog is loaded with images, each one is an opportunity to put more key words out there in cyberspace that will work for you and attract visitors.

Have you heard of this technique before? Are you using it?

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