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Home Business: Getting Your Kids Involved

When you work at home, you have the perfect opportunity to teach your children skills and options that they may not have learned otherwise.

Even at a very young age children notice our moods or emotions, and our work ethic. They see things like the way we handle responsibility and accountability, and as they grow up beside you in a home business they get a firsthand view of it all.

It doesn't happen overnight. Like all other aspects of parenting, much of what we teach our children is a slow process of consistent training, and of the examples we set as their primary role models.

I have been working from home for almost 13 years now, since my children were 5 months and 5 years old. They are now 13 and almost 18, and I am finally beginning to see the fruits of my labor as a parent. As they become young adults, they are each displaying behaviors I once thought would never stick.

Our children hold a certain amount of skepticism about everything that we say, or attempt to teach them. They are dead set on learning things for themselves, knowing the reasons behind the rules, or seeing the proof. That old saying of “do as I say, not as I do” just doesn't hold water.

The proof is in the pudding for kids. I'm feeling fortunate that I fed my two plenty of pudding over the years. 😀

For a long time, my childrens' only real interest in my home business was when I would be done for the day, or how much expendable cash we had. Over the years I often wondered if they would ever take an interest in the actual business, or what they might choose to do when they came of age to consider jobs and careers themselves.

It was only a few years ago that they began asking more detailed questions. They understood that I worked from home, and that I had an online business, but the questions finally started: What is it you actually do?

It was a proud moment for sure, but it almost made me realize that I could have involved them much sooner. They both took a genuine interest in the concept, and of course went back to their own busy little lives. I took that first show of interest though, and gradually shared more and more of my workday with them as opportunities arose.

Timing played a big part in finally getting my children actively involved in my home business. They were reaching an age where they were considering jobs and an income of their own. And my business was reaching a point where I needed more help and more tax breaks.

I consulted with my CPA on all of the options, and discovered that I could pay each of my children up to $2,400 per year tax-free. We also discussed the forms I would need to employ them full-time, and the tax breaks and details associated with higher earnings. You'll want to discuss this with your own CPA of course, but there are definitely very nice benefits to employing your children in your home business.

In addition to the financial benefits for you as the owner, you are also teaching your children solid lessons in money management. Not to mention valuable skills and experience that will come in handy to them in future jobs and opportunities.

What you employ your children to do in your business will depend on your unique business model, and the skill levels and ages of your children. Fortunately children today are very good with technology, and super fast learners.

You have nothing to lose by giving them this opportunity, and the whole family has much to gain. You might start small by teaching them a specific task in your business, and see how well they do. If they do a good job, or are willing to learn and improve, you can offer to pay them to do that task for you for one week while you work on getting something else done.

Put the emphasis on needing their help. Children love to feel needed, and they love to do things that get your positive approval. Teach them patiently, and reward them by letting them know how impressed you are with the results.

Start small so that you can both get a feel for how things will work out. It should be fun and rewarding for everyone, without pressure or frustration.

It's a great way to bring your family even closer, while growing your business at the same time!

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