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Each and every one of us strives to become happy. It's in our human nature to search for happiness. It's no wonder then, that the pursuit of happiness makes up a huge chunk of the self help market. Teach your readers what they can do to lead a more fulfilled life with the content of this special Happiness PLR bundle.

 Here's What's Inside The Pursuit of Happiness Bundle


Take this ebook, brand it with your website info, create a cover graphic and put it up for sale on your site. Or break up the content and use it on  your site, in  your emails, or to create several short optin reports. There is a lot of great content about happiness here that you can share with your audience. If you're a life coach, this would make a great starting point for personalized coaching sessions.

This special, 20 page Happiness Ebook  (6,024 words) includes :

  • Why Your Happiness Matters
  • The Science Of Happy
  • Happiness and Nutrition
  • Happiness and Mental Health
  • Happiness and Physical Health
  • Happiness for Self
  • Happiness for Others
  • Happiness Is A Choice


You may have heard that it takes 30 days to create a habit and with this journal you can help your readers and clients  create a Happiness Habit!  There are 31 pages that will help  record  thoughts and progress as your audience make the choice to be happy, making happiness an integral part of their life.  At the end of each day there is  prompt with specific questions, directions, and of course plenty of space for them to record their thoughts and feelings.

Get the Happiness Ebook & Journal Bundle for $37 – and get a new product for the self help niche up and selling this week! 

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