Goal Getter Planners by Leonie Dawson

Are You Ready to Set Your Million Dollar Goals?

You Need to Plan

Leonie Dawson's Goal Getter Planners are the very thing that we used to plan out our business the year that we quadrupled our revenue and we've been using them ever since.

We quickly figured out that when you know your numbers then you have power. Even if you have NO idea how many people are on your email list or where the bulk of your income comes from... 

Digging in and learning these details about your business can be the difference between making $60k a year and bringing in $240K a year.

We know because we've done it.

In 2018 we made $60,000 in our business. After using Leonie's planners to take a deep dive in our business and plan out the nitty gritty we were able to end 2019 with $240,000 in revenue.

That right there is POWERFUL!

Writing your goals down as you set them; will help your brain encode the plan, further solidifying your goal. The mere act of writing an idea down makes it more likely you will remember it.

Similarly, when you draft your goal in writing, you have a better chance of success. After writing out your goal, be sure to place it somewhere that you can see it easily. Places like on the fridge, on your phone, on a mirror, at your desk are all excellent areas, where you can easily visually access your goal. Seeing the words you wrote out serves as a reminder and as motivation to continue with your efforts.

Not only will you be reminded of your goal by visually seeing the words written, you should also take the time for an active review of your goal. Regularly, actively reviewing your written goal will increase your chances of success.

You Aren't Writing Down Your Goals

Studies show that putting your  goals into writing and reviewing them regularly will increase your chances of success. In fact, some studies show that you are as much as 42% more likely to follow through with your goals if you write them down. Writing your goals down will help you get a clear picture of your plan and what you want to accomplish. Logging your goals will also help motivate you to complete the tasks needed in order for success of your goal. Frequently reviewing what you’ve written will aid in reminding you of your plan, as well as remind you of your “why,” in turn, boosting your motivation to keep progressing toward your goal.

A Planner That Works!

Enter Leonie's Digital Planners

The Goal Getter EVERYTHING Bundle gets you:

  • The digital Goal Getter LIFE Workbook
  • The digital Goal Getter BUSINESS Workbook
  • The digital Undated WEEKLY Planner
  • The digital DAILY To Do List Planner

for just $35.50 (THE BEST DEAL!)

Of course, you can get each piece separately, too!

Click here to take a look at each of the planner options.

The top 1% of achievers write down & regularly review their goals!

After writing down your goals, reviewing your goals will aid in renewed purpose and incentive, ultimately bumping up your likelihood of success.

"A millionaire looks at their goals once a day...A billionaire looks at their goals twice a day!" - Leonie Dawson

Want a physical copy instead?

You can grab them all individually or purchase the physical printables from Amazon (Buying them all in physical form will cost you about $80)

You can, of course, purchase them directly from Amazon but if you love us you can use our affiliate links below.

A few pages from last year's planner.

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