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Getting The Most from Online Fairs

I do most of my business through contacts I make, by getting to know and trust people I find good and service I feel good about. I meet people that I can learn new things from, share common interests and get referrals from in the future.

I see a lot of misconception about online Vendor Fairs and a lot of new sites popping up that do not see the big picture. They a seem to be looking for a quick sale at these events, and sure sales are always a good thing but there are far more benefical ways to use these events.

1. Get involved with a group.

If a site doesn't offer you more then a time slot why join them? Look for a group that have an active group of ongoing vendors, a group list for their members and a listing for your business on their site. If all you get is 30 minute to show up and talk about your business even the $2 and the $5 give might not leave a lasting impression.

2. Be an active member in the events.

Show interest in the other vendors. They are NOT you competition but your allies and peers. Askquestions. Spend TIME at events. Do not be a drive by, showing up for your time slot and leaving right after your done. This does not build good will, trust or good contacts. People do business with those they get to know and trust. Don't come into the room then put up the away sign or start multi tasking and ignoring the group and party. IF you want people to pay attention to you, pay attention to THEM!!!

3. Collect contacts

Ask the other vendor for their IMs and email address and start buidling a good relationship with them, not just to
sell them things but to find common interests and way you can support and maybe join forces together. Do not spam your fellow vendors, you don't like spam so you should know they don't either.

4. Collect Leads

Offer samples or catalogs to those that want them. Offer aspecial discount IF they order within a certain amount of time after receiving the sample or catalogs. Get complete info so you can follow up.

5. Ask permission to keep in touch

This is just good form. Ask if you can IM together sometime, or if they would like to receive your update or newletter. This is another good way to build your contact list.


Yes, everyone needs and wants them. Create a one time only special or discount for that event. If your company doesn't give discounts, but you get a discount as a member offer those that email orders to you YOUR Discount for that sales only.

I hope these tips help those that have been doing online events or fairs and feeling that they don't get enough sales see the bigger picture. You can get a one time sale or you can grow your contact list and get referrals and leads down the road. These are much more valuable then that one time sale will be. Take advantage of the real live contacts you can make at online events.

Nancy Johnson, Author
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