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 A  Short Report, 12 PLR Articles,  12 Auto-Responder Emails, 30 Dinner Conversation Cards and 12 Social Media Posts   for “Frugal Family Summer Fun”

Summer is here and it's time to come up with some fun activities and trips with the family. If you're readers are looking for content that helps them enjoy their summer break and summer vacations without spending a small fortune or going into credit card debt, this PLR bundle is for you. 

Show them  how easy it is to have fun on a budget with the included bundle of 12 articles all about frugal summer fun. The short report explains in great detail how to plan and budget for a summer vacation. This could easily be adapted for all sorts of different savings goals throughout the year. 

Build your list with the included short report, post the articles to your blog, and promote them with the included social media posts.

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Your Frugal Family Summer Fun  PLR Bundle Includes:

Short Report (2.127 words)

The “Saving for a Family Vacation” report will show your readers how to save for a family vacation. No need to go into debt to take a family trip. Topics include:

  • Budget In Your Vacation
  • Record Your Income
  • Record Your Fixed Expenses
  • Record Your Variable Expenses
  • Start Setting Aside Money Regularly
  • Extra Ways To Add To The Vacation Fund
  • Book What You Can Afford

Use this as an opt-in offer or turn it into a low cost product.

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12 Articles

Use these articles as stand alone posts, a series on Frugal Family Summer Fun, or turn them into a low cost eBook. This is great content to share all throughout the summer months on your family, travel, or frugal living blog.

  1. Start Your Summer With A Family Meeting
  2. 5 Fun Ideas For Staycations
  3. Rainy Day Summer Activities
  4. Scout Out Local Parks, State Parks, and National Parks
  5. Camping Trips Can Make Fun Frugal Summer Vacations
  6. Hit Your Local Library For More Than Just Books
  7. Hot Days Call For Water Fun In The Backyard
  8. Go For A Hike Or A Bike Ride
  9. Don’t Miss Out On Free And Inexpensive Local Summer Fun
  10. Save Those Summer Memories With A Family Scrapbook Or Memory Box
  11. No Time Like The Present For A Road Trip
  12. Summer Safety Tips You Don't Want To Miss

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12 Auto-Responder Emails

Keep your readers engaged using email auto-responders. These emails have been created to correspond with the articles in this pack to help you easily create an online course, post series with follow-up emails, or anything else that you can think of to keep your readers engaged.

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30 Conversation Cards

It's a fact that kids who regularly eat meals with their parents are both happier and healthier. But with today’s busy world, two working parents (most of the time) and busy, busy, busy schedules, who has time to not only plan a nutritious meal but actually take an extra 30 minutes to sit down and try to enjoy it….Good Luck.

The fact remains that not only is it important that we make time for our family, it’s downright VITAL that we spend quality time together as often as possible so that everyone is happy & healthy.

These 30 Days of Family Dinner Conversation cards are great dinner conversation starters.


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12 Social Media Posts

Custom written social media posts that go hand-in-hand with each of the articles. Use them to whip up quick Facebook posts, schedule tweets for your posts, or consider combining these little text blurbs with images for your posts and use them on Pinterest or Instagram. No matter how you use them, these social media posts make promoting your content as easy as pie.

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If you want to help your readers  enjoy a fun summer with their loved ones without breaking the bank, you can get this incredibly value-packed bundle for only $37. That’s way less than you’d pay a quality ghostwriter to write just one article for you.



That's a total of  1 short report , 12 articles (400+ words each), 12 Auto-Responder Emaills, 30 Dinner Conversation Cards and 12 Social Media Posts for just $37. Give your readers the content they are looking for!


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